Daughter of the Wolf Trailer: Gina Carano Wants Her Son Back

Gina Carano in Daughter of the Wolf Poster

Gina Carano sets out to rescue her kidnapped son in the trailer for Daughter of the Wolf. The former MMA fighter has carved out a comfortable niche for herself over the past decade, between her direct to video B-movie work and roles in action-heavy franchise films like Fast & Furious 6 and Deadpool. She's even managed to collaborate with filmmakers like Steven Soderbergh (on the thriller Haywire) and landed a key role in this fall's live-action Star Wars series, The Mandalorian. However, before she heads to a galaxy far, far away, Carano will appear in a starring vehicle of her own titled Daughter of the Wolf.

Written by Nika Agiashvili (Tbilisi, I Love You) and directed by David Hackl (Saw V), Daughter of the Wolf follows a military specialist (Carano) as she returns home from the Middle East, following the death of her father. However, when her son is kidnapped and held ransom, it falls to Carano's character to track him and his captors down by venturing into the frozen wilderness. The film is scheduled to hit theaters and On Demand in mid-June, which is why its marketing campaign is getting fully up and running this week.

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Screen Rant has the exclusive on the Daughter of the Wolf trailer, which is now online courtesy of Vertical Entertainment. You can check it out in the space below.

Judging by the trailer, Daughter of the Wolf seems like the sort of B-movie that's very much in Carano's wheelhouse, as an actor. The footage has an understandably low-budget feel, but that's only fitting, seeing as the film at large looks and sounds like a lean, mean thrill ride with Carano leading the charge. Of course, it helps that Carano's more than capable of performing her fair share of stunts, as evidenced by the quick clips of her chucking axes and tackling people on snowmobiles here. And of top of all that, you've got the legendary Richard Dreyfuss chewing the scenery and having fun playing the big bad responsible for kidnapping Carano's kid in the first place.

Throw in a supporting cast that includes names like Brendan Fehr (The Night Shift) and Sydelle Noel (GLOW), and Daughter of the Wolf has the potential to offer some worthwhile direct to video-quality entertainment. Of course, with the spinoff Men in Black: International and legacy sequel Shaft hitting theaters the same day as Carano's new offering, those in the mood for an action movie will have their fair share of options to choose from. Still, it's always good to have a backup choice at the ready, in case the latest Hollywood tentpoles simply don't seem all that interesting.

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Daughter of the Wolf begins playing in select theaters and On Demand starting Friday, June 14.

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