Final Issue of Darth Vader Comic Gets Awesome Variant Covers

Marvel Darth Vader #25 Covers

This week in comics readers saw the brand new #1 for Harley Quinn's DC Rebirth series which sold an impressive 400,000 copies, timed perfectly with the release of Warner Bros. Pictures' Suicide Squad in movie theaters where Harley makes her live-action debut. The Harley Quinn sales boost is in part thanks to the buzz of Suicide Squad - the "most buzzed" of the year which has topped social media all summer, including during San Diego Comic-Con, and partly due to an insane 74 variant covers the #1 launched with. Sorry, collectors.

Marvel is doing something slightly similar with its conclusion to its Darth Vader series which launched February 2015 by Kieron Gillen and Salvador Larroca. It concludes with Darth Vader #25 at the end of this month and is getting an impressive lineup of variant covers as well, thankfully nowhere near as many as Harley Quinn.

So, just as Harley Quinn debuts on the silver screen so to will Vader, the right hand of Emperor Palpatine later this year when he returns in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. The comic series follows Vader and explores the "internal machinations of the Empire" and the underground of the Star Wars galaxy. The series - which takes place after A New Hope and the destruction of the Death Star - has gone of out its way to explore Vader's connections to his past and more of the bounty hunters who appeared briefly in The Empire Strikes Back and shows how Darth Vader really knew and utilized them.

In addition to a main cover by legendary artist Juan Gimenez, DARTH VADER #25 will also include a stunning array variant covers rendered by the industry’s best. Marvel Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada, Chris Samnee, Michael Cho, Sara Pichelli, Cliff Chiang and more lend their artistic prowess to the Dark Lord of the Sith!

Who lives? Who dies? Find out as it all comes crashing down later this year in the highly anticipated DARTH VADER #25!

The main #25 cover by Juan Gimenez is pictured first followed by the variants:

Marvel's Darth Vader #25 Cover
Marvel's Darth Vader #25 Cover
Marvel's Darth Vader #25 -Christopher Action Figure Variant
Christopher Action Figure Variant
Marvel's Darth Vader #25 Cover - Adi Granov Variant
Adi Granov Variant
Marvel's Darth Vader #25 - Salvador Larroca Variant
Salvador Larroca Variant
Marvel's Darth Vader #25 - Jamie McKelvie Variant
Jamie McKelvie Variant
Marvel's Darth Vader #25 - Sara Pichelli Variant
Sara Pichelli Variant
Marvel's Darth Vader #25 - Joe Quesada Sketch Variant
Joe Quesada Sketch Variant
Marvel's Darth Vader #25 - Joe Quesada Variant
Joe Quesada Variant
Marvel's Darth Vader #25 - Chris Samnee Variant
Chris Samnee Variant
Marvel's Darth Vader #25 - Kamome Shirahama Variant
Kamome Shirahama Variant
Marvel's Darth Vader #25 - Cliff Chiang Variant
Cliff Chiang Variant
Marvel's Darth Vader #25 - Michael Cho Variant
Michael Cho Variant

Quesada gets two! Which is your favorite? Which would make the coolest movie poster? Share your thoughts in the comments!

DARTH VADER #25 (JUN160929)Written by KIERON GILLENArt by SALVADOR LARROCACover by JUAN GIMENEZVariant Covers byADI GRANOV (JUN160930), JAMIE MCKELVIE (JUN160931),MICHAEL CHO (JUN160932), KAMOME SHIRAHAMA (JUN160933),JOE QUESADA (JUN160935), CHRIS SAMNEE (JUN160936),SARA PICHELLI (JUN160937), CLIFF CHIANG (JUN160938),And SALVADOR LARROCA (JUN160939)Action Figure Variant by JOHN TYLER CHRISTOPHER (JUN160940)Quesada Sketch Variant Also Available (JUN160934)

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Source: Marvel

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