Darth Vader Built His Castle To Resurrect Padmé

Warning: SPOILERS for Darth Vader #22

The true purpose of Darth Vader's castle has finally been revealed, with the villain's own comic confirming it was built to resurrect Padmé Amidala. And to build it, Vader called on a Dark Side architect newly added to the Star Wars canon.

If the idea that Darth Vader would act out of love for his lost wife seems at odds with his evil, Sith exterior, then the comic book series exploring his origins is going to be mind-blowing. Not the origins of Anakin Skywalker - the Star Wars prequels covered that. We're referring to the origins of Darth Vader, in the first days, months, and years serving at the right hand of Emperor Palpatine. And the Sith Master didn't just know about Vader's longing to revive Padmé... but gave his apprentice the tools to do so.

Palpatine Knows Vader Wants a Castle To Revive Padme

Since the first issues of Charles Soule and Guiseppe Camuncoli's Darth Vader comic, there's been no mistaking just how much more complicated a figure Anakin Skywalker was in his first years beneath the cloak and cowl of "Darth Vader." That previously untold story, explaining how Darth Vader got his red lightsaber, and how many Jedi survivors he slayed after Episode 3, has proven to be worthy of its very own film. But the biggest twist came with his choice of a new home planet.

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Throughout the first dozen issues, it seemed that even more of Anakin Skywalker was alive in Darth Vader than Palpatine realized. The Light Side of The Force constantly pulled to him, even showing him a possible future in which he turned against his Master, and slew the Emperor before he could give rise to his Empire. But as it turns out, Palpatine is completely aware of Vader's intentions with his castle - even before the reader.

It's easy to forget that it was the promise of mastering life and death, and protecting his beloved Padmé that convinced Anakin to become the Sith Lord's Apprentice. And Palpatine isn't one who easily forgets so clear a pressure point. So when Vader requests that the planet Mustafar be given to him as his own homeworld to rule, Palpatine knows there's more than Anakin's defeat at Obi-Wan Kenobi's hands, or the true "birthplace" of Vader at work. And to help him bring back his dear Padmé, Palpatine gives Vader a more powerful ally than he realizes.

Darth Vader's Castle is 'The Key' To Unlock Death

To help him in his travels and to construct his castle on Mustafar, the Emperor assigns Colonel Alva Brenne as architect. But to help Vader in designing his ideal home - or, now that the castle's true purpose has been revealed, to help him 'save' Padmé from death - the Emperor gifts Vader a relic. The helmet of Lord Momin may seem like a standard artifact, but when its eyes glow red and compel Brenne's assistant to create the plans for Vader's eventual castle, then kill her, its true power is also understood.

Conversing with the helmet-- well, with Lord Momin directly, the architect also knows exactly what Vader is after. And according to him, the fortress that will become known as Darth Vader's castle is to be his masterpiece. It is no coincidence that Vader sought out an ancient cave on Mustafar, a 'Force locus' where the Dark Side was stronger than anywhere else Vader had encountered. No coincidence he used that power to "bleed" his Sith lightsaber red. No coincidence that he intends to build his castle over the same spot.

Lord Momin confirms that the Force locus is a doorway to the Dark Side... and he will build the castle to "unlock" its power over life and death.

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