Darth Maul Video Game Developer Still Interested In Making the Game

Dan Borth of Red Fly Studio revealed new information about their cancelled Darth Maul game, as well as the developer's hopes to revive the project.

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With less than two months to go before the release of Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens, excitement surrounding the franchise is at an all-time high. From tie-in comic books to a plethora of new toys, stores are being flooded with Star Wars merchandise. Needless to say, it's a great time to be a fan.

Hoping to capitalize on all of the excitement is the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront, the first of publisher EA's planned Star Wars games. Developed by EA Dice, the game will insert players in iconic moments in Star Wars history, before releasing DLC that ties directly into The Force Awakens. The future of Star Wars games is noticeably bright, especially considering Uncharted writer Amy Hennig is currently hard at work on her own Star Wars project.

Unfortunately, to get to this point, a few promising Star Wars game projects were scrapped along the way. The most famous of these is Star Wars 1313, a game that reportedly followed a young Boba Fett through the underground levels of Coruscant. The game built a lot of excitement when it was shown, but the project was ultimately put on hold after Disney's purchase of Lucasfilm. Another game that was ultimately scrapped was a third-person action game from developer Red Fly Studio -- starring fan-favorite Darth Maul.

Red Fly developer Dan Borth recently conducted a Reddit AMA to discuss the cancelled game. More importantly, he revealed that the studio is still pushing to be able to make their Darth Maul game in some form.

"We are currently working on a full next get demo of all things Maul to show the powers that be... We have been burning a candle for this game since it was killed in hopes we can get it turned back on again. IF that is to happen, we need to approach EA with a demo that will impress them. I think we have that or are close to it."

Borth revealed some of the plot to their game, stating the game would have followed Maul from childhood all the way to his appearance in The Phantom Menace:

"We wanted to show what he went through to become a Sith. Showcase the torture the Emporer put him through. Show how you as the player would have made the same mistakes and ended up a Sith... Playing as a young Darth Maul, you would (hopefully) feel his pain and his rage as he was brutally exposed day by day by the Emperor."

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Finally, Borth gave some insight into some of the game mechanics from the cancelled project. He notes that, like many third-person action games, the combat was partly based on the fighting mechanics from the Batman: Arkham series. However, he also referenced a stealth mechanic based on fear -- one that Maul would employ to take out groups of enemies from the shadows.

"The reverse fear mechanic had Maul using fear to control his opponents - you chose to drop down out of nowhere and behead a guard because you saw the rest of the guards were susceptible to fear, so when you did that they would scatter... some of them would run into walls and even wound or kill themselves. "

Despite the character's successful revival during Star Wars: The Clone Wars, it's hard to imagine EA giving the green light on a game centered around the prequel era. That's not to say it's impossible, but the focus right now is largely on the timespan between the original trilogy and the upcoming Episode VII. Still, if Red Fly Studios does make a compelling demo for the game, who's to say players won't be playing as Darth Maul in the next few years.

Star Wars Battlefront releases for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on November 20th, 2015.

Source: Dan Borth (via Polygon)

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