Darth Maul In 25 Popular Movies (That Aren't Star Wars)

Darth Maul In 25 Popular Movies (That Aren’t Star Wars)

With Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace set to be re-released in theaters on February 10, 2012 in 3D, Lucasfilm launched "Darth Maul Me" - a feature that allows you to turn yourself into Darth Maul.

Considering we have a "No Sith Lord" rule at Screen Rant, we decided to see what would happen if 25 popular movies went to the dark side (and/or what would happen if Darth Maul got a hold of a time machine and wanted to trade in his dual lightsaber for a Hollywood career).

*except for the one that is Star Wars (but not the one you think)

**by popular demand, an additional movie was added (you can find it in the comments below)

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