'Saw' Director To Helm Horror-Thriller '11 11 11'

Darren Lynn Bousman - the director responsible for Saw II-IV - is prepped to helm 11 11 11, a horror-thriller that revolves around supernatural associations with the number 11.

The concept for 11 11 11 is based off the 11:11 cult movement, which believes that the number is a sign to everyday people that angels or spiritual guardians are attempting to communicate with them.  The film itself will address the idea of 11 gates of Heaven opening on the 11th day of the 11th month (November), allowing a being from another world to enter the Earthly realm for 49 minutes.

Bousman is writing the script as well, which he claims bears little resemblance to the similar-sounding numerology thriller The Number 23, which starred Jim Carrey back in 2007.  That much-derided thriller bombed at the box office and left the former blockbuster comedian's reputation in shambles.

11 11 11 will reportedly also be less in the vein of Bousman's gory horror ventures, which include his Saw movies and the cult musical Repo! The Genetic Opera (see below).  The film will instead emphasize mood and atmosphere over graphic violence - similar to movies like Signs or the 2008 home invasion pic, The Strangers.

Director Darren Lynn Bousman Saw movies Repo the Genetic Opera

Both Repo! and Bousman's Saw movies were extremely over the top, in terms of grotesque violence and the freakish manner in which individuals were killed; Bousman is generally regarded as a director with a knack for engaging moviegoers on a visceral level, to say the least.

Does 11 11 11 have the potential to establish Bousman as a filmmaker capable of more than just grossing-out his audience?  The plot sounds pretty goofy on paper - even for a supernatural thriller - so consider me rather skeptical of the entire project for the time being.

Production on 11 11 11 is expected to get underway this fall, with a release date in the U.S. currently scheduled for - you guessed it - November 11th, 2011.

Source: Heat Vision

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