Will Aronofsky Take On 'The Tiger' Next?

Darren Aronofsky's name has been popping up a lot in the news recently. His new film, Black Swan, continues to collect critical accolades left and right; he was previously rumored to be a possible director for the Superman reboot; and just this week word got out that he's close to directing Wolverine 2.

Now it seems that Aronofsky's next project won't involve either Kryptonians or mutants, but rather a tiger and the male half of the celebrity couple known as Brangelina in a film titled, well, The Tiger.

We reported earlier this year that Brad Pitt and Aronofsky would collaborate with screenwriter Guillermo Arriaga on The Tiger, an adaptation of the non-fiction book that details the experiences of an animal activist who, back in 1997, had to protect the Siberian village he was living in when a tiger began attacking its residents. While The Playlist is claiming that Angelina Jolie will costar in the film, /Film has revealed that this belief arose from the mistranslation of an interview Arriaga gave to Quien about the project.

This past April we also heard that Aronofsky was set to direct his fiancee Rachel Weisz in the Jackie Kennedy biopic, Jackie, once he had completed work on Black Swan - between that project, The Tiger, and Wolverine 2, the man looks to have a lot of options to select from for his next directorial effort.

Aronofsky is very much a filmmaker who excels at character-driven dramas and has gotten Oscar-nominated performances out of Ellen Burstyn (Requiem For A Dream), Mickey Rourke (The Wrestler), and looks to do so again with Natalie Portman in Black Swan.  While the idea of him helming the second Wolverine movie is appealing, Aronofsky might be better off tackling a thriller like The Tiger - which should be relatively action-oriented - before he tries his hand at a ful-blown blockbuster actioner like the X-Men spinoff.

Wolverine 2 could be more of an intelligent and relatively low-key comic book pic in the vein of Bryan Singer's X-Men - if someone like Aronofsky is involved, that is.  He could deliver a final product that strikes a balance between action sequences, set pieces, and quieter moments devoted more to plot and character development. We would all appreciate an X-Men movie like that, right?

What do you want to see Aronofsky take on next - The Tiger or Wolverine 2?

Source: Quien (via The Playlist and /Film)

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