Paramount Acquiring Aronofsky's George Washington Film, 'The General'

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Since the box office/critical success of Black Swan, Darren Aronofsky has been looking to stretch his directing muscles. Hence, he came (painfully) close to helming The Wolverine, before instead settling on the big-budget Biblical flick Noah (based on the graphic novel Aronofsky co-created) as his next filmmaking venture - with ambitious projects such as the futuristic sci-fi movie Human Nature and historical drama The General already lined up as potentials for Aronofsky to move ahead with, thereafter.

Variety says that The General in particular is "a film that Aronofsky is eager to make" and Paramount is already in talks to acquire the project, under its first-look deal with the director's Protozoa Pictures banner. While details are sparse, The General is described as being a George Washington-centered drama that's less a conventional period biopic and more "an 'Unforgiven'-like tale."

Judging by the title alone, The General could pick up with Washington during his time serving in the American Revolutionary War. Furthermore, the Unforgiven comparison suggests this film may portray the (eventual) first U.S. Commander in Chief as a troubled elder warrior haunted by his past, who's reluctant to return to the battlefield after his experiences during the French and Indian War (a.k.a. the Seven Years War).

More intriguing still is that The General's script was penned by screenwriting duo Bill Collage and Adam Cooper, who have previously specialized in broad comedic fare (New York Minute, Accepted, Tower Heist). However, between The General and upcoming projects like their new Moby Dick adaptation and Moses-centric project, it's clear the writers are interesting in trying their hand(s) at more substantial, prestigious material.

A potentially refreshing approach to a famous historical figure such as Washington, as brought to life by a screenwriting duo with something to prove - under the watchful eye of a talented director like Aronofsky, who will also bring newfound experience to the table, after he gets a crash course in "epic" moviemaking with Noah - definitely makes The General a project worth keeping an eye on.

With Noah not being due to hit theaters until March 2014, it may be a while before any noteworthy progress is made on The General. As always, we here at Screen Rant will keep you posted.


Source: Variety

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