Darksiders 3 Guide: How To Beat Wrath

Darksiders 3 Wrath

Darksiders 3 tasks players with defeating the Seven Deadly Sins, and Wrath is one of the most outright aggressive to content with. The first battle with Wrath comes relatively early in Darksiders 3, and as such users may be taken aback by the power of the boss while still relatively unfamiliar with how the game operates.

In fact, Wrath comes second in the list of Sins that Fury takes on, just after Envy. Found in the middle of a fight with a group of Angels, Wrath quickly dispatches the soldiers of Heaven, and quickly turns his attention to the Horseman Fury. It's hardly a slow build-up to the fight either, with Wrath jumping in head-first.

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As some might expect, Wrath is extremely aggressive. The Molten Lord's attacks are full-on, and if they connect with Fury then they're sure to do a lot of damage. He's a heavy-hitter, and because of this players will want to make use of the skill they have built up with Darksiders 3's dodge mechanics. Be sure to check out our Darksiders 3 beginner's guide for more information.

There's more to it than just dodging, however. Wrath has some serious speed behind him when he gets going, which might take some players by surprise given the size of the Sin. So, Fury will not just need to dodge, but dodge at the right time to avoid his long reach and the sudden bouts of speed. There's nothing shameful about a quick tactical retreat, but players will definitely want to keep an eye on their surroundings.

As with many of the bosses who remain rooted to the floor in a one-on-one fight, a good tactic to use with Fury is to make sure there's a full Havoc bar available at the start of the fight. One strategy that could work is to whittle down Wrath's health with clever attacks, but if the player's health gets too low then to unleash Fury's Havoc form and let rip with a full-on assault.

As with the other bosses - and with the tougher standard enemies - it pays to be careful. Even with Havoc Form used, keep an eye on when the bar is going to run out, in case it leaves the player open to a powerful attack from Wrath when Fury is more vulnerable. However, staying smart will leave the player taking down Wrath, leading to the next part of the game.

That's not the last players will see of this particular member of the Seven Deadly Sins, though. Wrath will reappear later in Darksiders 3 as well, with Fury taking on the Sin as part of a larger arena fight where Wrath truly is in his element.

Once again Wrath has a lot of power behind him, but this time there's the added annoyance of his health refilling through the bloodshed of other enemies taking part in the arena fight. As such, Fury will need to be sure that she moves quickly during the first half of the boss fight to try and negate this risk of too much health being refilled.

Wrath has learned a few new tricks too, so watch out for those ranged attacks and larger area of effect specials. Two good hits is effectively enough to take Fury out, so be cautious and keep an eye on health at all times, essentially using the same tactics as before. Before too long, players will have finally beaten Wrath once and for all.

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