Darksiders 3 Beginners Guide: Gameplay Tips & Hints To Get Started

Darksiders 3 Beginners Guide Tips

Darksiders 3 has arrived, and some players may want a guide to help with some beginner gameplay tips and hints. Given the amount of time between the first two Darksiders games and this third part of the series, there's all likelihood that some players may be going into this fresh. Meanwhile, some gameplay tweaks to Darksiders 3 might leave veterans needing to re-learn the basics.

In short, Darksiders 3 has made a slight move towards the model of From Software's Dark Souls. Although not at the same level of difficulty, Darksiders 3 has put a much greater emphasis on clever combat, as well as making tweaks to the main structure of the world. Although they are not major changes, it could be enough to throw some players off.

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As such, here's a quick guide to the basics of Darksiders 3. Even though some players have had an early view on when the game was due to release thanks to a storefront error, that doesn't help with preparation for those gameplay changes. Read on to find out how to handle the game from the off, and live up the reputation of being one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

Learn To Dodge in Darksiders 3

Darksiders 3 Sword

Perhaps the biggest change that players will need to get to grips with is the larger focus on clever combat. Although some may expect the Horsemen to be direct and aggressive, particularly one called Fury, it pays to be a little more calm and collected in Darksiders 3.

That's because many enemies pack a punch in the game. Although the weakest of enemies in Darksiders 3 may still be more of a nuisance than a genuine threat, many have the ability to strip Fury of half of her health in a single attack, so it pays to be aware of when these attacks are coming in.

Because of this, learning how to dodge correctly is vitally important, allowing players to avoid taking damage from those most threatening of attacks. Better yet, dodging at a close enough time to the attack landing will give the player the option to unleash a savage counter-attack to take them down. So - being cautious doesn't just keep Fury alive, but also allows her to kill off enemies at an even better rate.

Use Your Wrath And Havoc Effectively

Darksiders 3 Undead

It's not just dodges and counter-attacks that Fury has at her disposal, though. On top of this, two separate power-up bars can be used to great effect in the game - Wrath and Havoc. These both provide Fury with a handy boost in tough situations, and Darksiders 3 is full of a fair few of those.

Wrath fills quicker, and allows Fury to unleash a Wrath Attack. These attacks do more damage, and are very useful to taking down enemies quickly, particularly when in a crowd. However, it still allows Fury to take damage, and so players should make sure not to lose themselves in the bloodlust when using the Wrath Attack.

The Havoc bar fills slower, but is much more powerful. Allowing Fury to transform into her Havoc Form, it makes Fury into an unstoppable power, wiping out even the toughest of standard enemies with ease and taking a decent chunk of health off bosses to boot. Even better, it also gives Fury the chance to refill her health bar - although given the power of the Havoc Form, it's best to use this sparingly and in particularly tough fights.

Make Souls Purchases Wisely

Darksiders 3 Vulgrim

Throughout Darksiders 3, the Demon merchant Vulgrim will appear and offer up his services to Fury. Although obviously untrustworthy, Vulgrim proved a handy ally in both Darksiders and Darksiders 2, and he is the same in this third game in the series.

Vulgrim offers up a fair few upgrades to the player, but making sure that the collected souls are spent wisely is tantamount to success. For starters, players should think about what they want to prioritize. Vulgrim provides level upgrades to Health, Strength, and Arcane damage, but also consumable shards, crafting items to use at the Maker Tree, and weapon upgrades.

As such, it's best to think about what will suit the player's style of play. Getting hold of the unique upgrades is certainly handy, but it's important to keep levelling up where possible, and early on it might be worth chucking a few extra levels into Health just to give players a damage buffer. Consumables are also worth having, particularly the Havoc shards that instantly refill Fury's Havoc meter.

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