Darksiders 3 Guide: How To Beat Sloth

Darksiders 3 Sloth

Darksiders 3 features some boss battles with some seriously energetic enemies, but it's fair to say that the fight against Sloth isn't one of them. Whereas the battle with Avarice sees Fury contend with a surprisingly nimble member of the Seven Deadly Sins, Sloth is much more laid back. Indeed, the grotesque Sin seems positively chilled about everything, including the impending apocalypse.

Found in a suitably grim lair, Sloth is surrounded by eggs of creatures that will go on to wait on his every whim, and the Sin tries to trick Fury into following him in this regard, giving the Horseman a bed of bugs that is apparently more comfortable than it looks. However, Fury snaps out of it with a little help from her Watcher companion, and prepares to do battle with the Sin that least wants to put in any effort.

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Sloth does very little himself, instead moving around thanks to the creatures that maneuver the Sin's giant throne. During this section of the fight, Sloth cannot be directly damaged, with Fury instead having to destroy the creatures underneath that allow Sloth to move. Perhaps the best way to do this is to make sure Fury has a full Wrath bar, and let rip with the Storm Hollow's electrical attack which effectively takes out the smaller creatures.

At the very least this gets Sloth angry, although not to the same level as Wrath. Irked by the destruction of his throne, Sloth gets down and attacks with slow, sweeping attacks. They do a fair amount of damage if they connect, and Sloth can also lift himself into the air and drop down to launch a small area of effect attack.

These are all easy to avoid, although Fury will also need to watch out for smaller enemies that may still be spotted around the arena. These are more of a distraction, however, as they will do a tiny amount of damage in comparison to Sloth's hits, so be sure to prioritize keeping an eye on the Sin himself. In particular, players will want to avoid getting stuck in one of his staff combos, as much like Envy's wide-reaching attacks this can knock out most of the player's health in one go.

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Sloth has a lot of health, so it'll take some time to whittle him down, but be patient and hit whenever possible. The Storm Hollow is particularly useful for this, as doing continued damage through the Hollow's Wrath attacks will maintain a solid amount of damage. However, be careful about remaining up close and personal for too long, and make sure to move back when required; thankfully, Sloth's arena is a large one with lots of space to move in.

Before too long, Sloth will be down. It's not the most difficult of the boss battles in the game, thanks to Sloth's slow movement speed, but this could lead to some players falling into a false sense of security and thinking that they can get one more hit in. Avoid this temptation, and it should be a relatively straightforward fight.

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