Darksiders 3 Release Date Leaked By Microsoft Store

Some promotional art for Darksiders III featuring game protagonist Fury

It looks like the Microsoft Store might have let the release date for the upcoming, apocalyptic hack-and-slash game Darksiders III slip. This latest entry continues the story of the biblical Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, and their attempts to uncover a conspiracy that led to the End Times arriving sooner than they'd expected.

Darksiders III is the series' first entry after a six-year hiatus caused by developer THQ's bankruptcy and reorganization. The first installment has players controlling War, who gets in trouble for accidentally showing up at work too early. The second is about Death trying to clear his brother's name and save humanity. The new one features Fury, a female "Horseman." She presumably replaces Famine in the traditional version of the story because starvation doesn't lend itself very well to awesome, whip-based fighting combos.

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Earlier, the game's product page at the Microsoft Store showed a release date of Tuesday, November 27. That's no longer the case, and it currently just says "Coming Soon." If Darksiders III is in fact only four months away though, odds are THQ will soon make an official announcement. The game was conspicuously absent from last month's E3 event, which suggested that it wasn't going to make it out this year. But this leak suggests that Darksiders III is much closer to being finished than had been previously thought.

Darksiders III release date on Microsoft Store

This isn't even the first time this month that Microsoft has appeared to accidentally reveal a release date. Last week, the page for the HD remaster of the first two entries in the Shenmue series showed that it would come out in August. Sega later confirmed that this was true. Considering it's already pretty close to August, they were probably going to announce the date soon anyway. Still, Microsoft's gaffe likely moved it up. The fact that the Shemue leak turned out to be correct also lends credence to the idea that Darksiders III's will prove true as well.

Darksiders III returns the story to the destroyed Earth after the second entry sent Death to other realms. The first game released demons to run around humanity's ruined buildings and wait for heavily armed heroes to fight them, and it'll be nice to get back to that important work. Fury's task is to destroy the Seven Deadly Sins and bring the planet back into some kind of order. It's not clear what that will do to help War or cancel the apocalypse, but it may well be too late for that second bit. Gamers may be closer than they expected to whipping vices to death, and that's good enough news for now.

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Source: Microsoft Store

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