Darksiders 3 Guide: How To Beat LUST

Darksiders 3 Lust Boss Fight

When Darksiders 3 tasked players with hunting down the Seven Deadly Sins, gamers may have gained an idea of what to expect. A rage-filled battle against Wrath was on most players' wish list, and no doubt there may have been expectations that the boss fight with Lust would have something seductive about it.

Although Darksiders 3 does break some conventions with lust - the general theme is that it could be a lust for power over the more obvious options - nonetheless the Sin attempts to woo Fury with her deepest desires. Promising Fury power and control beyond her wildest dreams, Lust tries to get Fury onside with a deal for her to lead the Four Horsemen. That is, until the fight seems to be cut severely short by a few gunshots from Fury's fellow Horsemen.

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This, however, is a facade, with Lust trying to tempt Fury with a snapshot of what life would be like if she succumbed to Lust's power. Seeing through the illusion, Fury instead ends the war of ideas and instead starts a duel with the Sin in a much more tangible way. The boss fight that unfolds is one of the most interesting in Darksiders 3 as a whole.

Darksiders 3 Lust Fight

While Envy is at her worst with ranged magic attacks, and Avarice has ranged throws and nimble jumping at his disposal, Lust is a skilled swordsman. Utilizing quick attacks and parries, the form of the boss fight feels most similar to those of the Valkyrie battles in God of War. Players will want to keep a similar focus, too, with quick dodges and conservative attacks, while looking out for Lust's powerful build-up attacks that may well need more than one dodge. Halfway through the fight, things switch up a notch, however. Archangel Usiel turns up, initially to fight Lust himself, but he is quickly seduced by the Sin's promise to resurrect the forces of Heaven and bring a swift end to the war between Angels and Demons. The only thing Lust asks for in return is that Usiel helps dispose of Fury, which he gladly agrees to.

At this point, the boss fight pits Fury against two powerful opponents, with Usiel capable of taking a major chunk of health from the player. Thankfully, Usiel's attacks have a quite obvious format and are easy to avoid. As such, players should spend their time still focusing their attacks on Lust, whittling down the Sin's health whenever possible and avoiding the attacks of both Lust and Usiel. If the player has a full Havoc bar, this part of the fight is also the perfect time to use it, as the player can let rip on Lust when Fury's health is low and get a solid boost to damage. Before long, the fight will be over, with Usiel incapacitated and Lust thoroughly defeated. With a cryptic hint that not all is as Fury believes, the Horseman puts Lust down and moves onto the next fight.

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