Darksiders 3 Guide: How To Beat Pride

Darksiders 3 Pride Boss Fight

Pride is the last of the Seven Deadly Sins in Darksiders 3, and because of this it is understandably something of a considerable boss fight challenge. Coming near the end of Darksiders 3, players will have to use all of Fury's skill to beat the last of the Sins. However, with a bit of practice - and a bit of knowledge - the overconfidence of Pride can easily be overcome.

Fury will actually meet Pride much earlier in the game than the boss fight itself. Found outside of a church, Pride taunts Fury before stating that she will only consider fighting the Horseman once she has defeated the rest of the Sins. Once Fury has beaten the likes of Avarice, she can then go and meet Pride in Aires to get started.

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Much like some of the other Sins, Pride first tries to get Fury onside, extolling the virtues of pride and stating that Fury should be proud of her achievements, before again hinting to the Horseman that she has been caught up in a conspiracy beyond what she understands on a surface level. Finally, she asks Fury to join her, so the two can then shape the world with order and purpose.

Darksiders 3 Pride Fight

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Fury does not take Pride up on the offer, and the fight begins. Pride's core attacks are generally slow, with wide swipes of her large sword and a steady, charging attack that hits the area around her. This charge attack also enwraps Pride in a shield, which Fury will have to break before the Sin can again be hurt. It's not the hardest fight in the game, with instead Fury having to be patient and strike at opportune moments.

At the halfway point, however, the battle becomes much more difficult. Pride enchants the head of a statue in the arena, which then first fires out some dangerous energy balls before resting down on the area itself, firing out a steady beam. Not only does this damage Fury, but it also cuts the size of the arena down considerably if the players wants to avoid taking damage. Pride also adds a swooping attack to her repertoire, which again Fury will want to dodge, and her charge attacks will also fire out more energy balls.

Pride is less of a damage sponge than some of the other Sins such as Sloth and Gluttony, so the fight should still be over quickly aside from her shield regenerating. With the final hit, Fury sends Pride flying back and destroying the statue of herself, as well as breaking her mask. From there, Pride will try to reveal some home truths to Fury about the nature of the apocalypse - and who unleashed the Seven Deadly Sins in the first place - before her words are cut short.

Although this marks the end of Fury's main mission, it's not the final boss of the game, with a twist that sends Fury off to fight one more, extremely powerful foe. However, by beating Pride, at the very least Fury has beaten this most difficult of her expected combatants.

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