Darksiders 3 Guide: How To Beat Envy

Darksiders 3 Envy

Darksiders 3 has just arrived, and tasks players with hunting down the Seven Deadly Sins, the first of which is Envy. It's a difficult task, even for one of the Four Horsemen such as Fury, and some players might want some hints on how to take down these foes.

After all, Darksiders 3 has made a fair few changes to the Darksiders formula. Although it still feels true to the original games - perhaps even to a fault given that it feels a little antiquated in comparison to the likes of 2018's God of War - there are enough subtle differences to warrant some players wanting to turn to a handy guide to get started with Darksiders 3. Beyond that, however, each of the Sins is likely worthy of particular scrutiny.

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Let's start with Envy. This Sin is the first boss of the game, and is actually one of the first enemies that Fury will discover when setting out on her task. Found very close to the start of the game, this Darksiders 3 boss appears briefly after Fury has been shown the ropes in terms of attacking basic enemies and dealing with the standard platforming fare that the game has to offer.

As such, players shouldn't expect too much hassle from this boss fight. However, the first of the Seven Deadly Sins, otherwise known as Resentment Made Flesh, still has some rather irritating moments, so it's not going to be the cakewalk that some may expect. Instead, remember that brute force isn't always the best option in Darksiders 3 - and that playing smart is always preferable.

Darksiders 3 Envy Battle

Up close and personal, Envy is relatively weak, although players won't want to be hit too often by her melee. The Sin's area of effect attacks, however, are much less enjoyable, so players will want to keep out of their way, and when it's clear that Envy is about to launch one of these attacks to keep their distance and hop over it. Meanwhile, players will also want to dodge Envy's ranged explosive attacks, unless they want their Darksiders 3 adventure cut short.

On top of this, Envy has two scripted moments, where she destroys the floor of the arena and hovers mid-air. At this point, Fury will need to jump up to Envy's level and knock her down before she can unleash a very dangerous attack that nearly hits the entire arena. Here, using double-jumps and the grappling hook element of Fury's Barbs of Scorn to reach her is key, and players should then complete the basic triple-attack combo to knock Envy down.

Do that a couple of times, and the fight is over. Fury will collect her first of the Seven Deadly Sins, and move on to the game proper, using the knowledge learned during this tutorial-esque section to good effect for the rest of the game. That's not the last players will see of 'Envy', though - although that's perhaps better saved for another guide.

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