Darksiders 3 Guide: How To Beat Avarice

Darksiders 3 Avarice

Darksiders 3 pits players against the Seven Deadly Sins, and the boss battle against Avarice may leave some looking for a guide on how to defeat him. The third of the Sins that Fury finds in the game, Avarice is hunted down to the museum, surrounded by treasures and art that he has managed to scavenge from the destroyed remains of Earth.

The route to Avarice is one of the more frustrating parts of the game, with nimble enemies who use ranged, explosive attacks that do a fair amount of damage. This is made even worse by a few sections of platforming where avoiding such attacks is required. Nonetheless, the boss fight at the end is worth it, and one of the reasons why Darksiders 3 provides an entertaining end of the world.

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After a brief section of dialogue outlining Avarice's character - in effect a super-powerful hoarder - the boss fight begins in earnest. In spite of the treasures the Sin is carrying on his back, Avarice is surprisingly nimble, and as such Darksiders 3 players will want to make sure that they're aware of Fury's movements against the Sin's blows.

All in all, there's a pretty straightforward pattern to Avarice's attacks. The Sin will attempt to provide a smackdown in person, with a few quick attacks that users will want to avoid. As such, Fury will want to connect with some fast combos of her own, and be quick to jump away when Avarice decides to hit back, much like in the earlier fight with Wrath.

Avarice becomes a bigger nuisance when he moves to higher ground, however. The Sin will jump up to one of the many pillars that scatter the arena, made up of things he has 'acquired' since being unleashed upon the world. From this vantage point, Avarice will throw items down at the player and jump from pillar to pillar to get a better angle. These can pack a punch, and Fury will want to dodge these at opportune moments to avoid taking unnecessary damage while Avarice is out of reach.

The attacks will come a lot quicker than players might expect, with the projectiles moving at rapid pace and sometimes covering a relatively large area. The real attack to avoid, however, is Avarice's jump back down into the arena to fight one-on-one, as being hit by this can do a fair amount of damage and leave Fury open to some follow-up blows. As such, it's important to move out of the way, but remain close to exploit the fact he can be damaged again.

Complete this cycle until Avarice's health has been depleted, and claim another of the Seven Deadly Sins. In general, Avarice shouldn't cause players much trouble - certainly in comparison to some of the later bosses - but still puts up more of a fight than the likes of Envy. Nonetheless, as with any boss in Darksiders 3, it's better to be safe than sorry, and to be sure to think tactically where possible.

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