Darkseid Joins The Justice League in New DC Comic

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It's hard to believe, but Darkseid is going to join the Justice League in the DC Comics Universe. That's the bombshell reveal made by the publisher during their Publishing Panel at this year's WonderCon, as the brand new future of DC's biggest hero team was laid out for fans. More than one Justice League series will be spinning out of writer Scott Snyder's upcoming world-altering events, but the one in which the Lord of Apokolips joins DC's heroes will be the biggest story for many. Strap in, and prepare yourselves for Justice League Odyssey.

The plot details of the series aren't being given out just yet, since it's presumed that Odyssey, like the also-announced Justice League Dark and miniseries will be spawned from the ending and fallout of Dark Nights: Metal. That event won't be finishing up until March 28th, but is guaranteed to change the game for multiple DC heroes and teams (including a new Teen Titans featuring Lobo's daughter).

All we know is that whatever threat emerges, it's in Darkseid's best interest to team up with Justice League members and set off on a team-up mission into DC's new cosmic universe.

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The series will be led by writer Joshua Williamson, recently familiar to readers of The Flash and Aquaman, respectively. And before any skeptics start to suspect that this character twist is a fantasy or illusion - like Thanos recently leading the Avengers at Marvel - it really is the next chapter in the life of the new, resurrected Apokolips. Plot details are being withheld, but the cover art for the first issue is available for all to enjoy.

Take a look:

As the artwork shows, Darkseid will be accompanied in Justice League Odyssey by Green Lantern Jessica Cruz, apparently taking this assignment as a break from her regular League duties. There's also Azrael, who has found himself twisted up in some serious Bat-Family drama following an ally's murder. Then there's Starfire (who has admittedly aged out of a 'Teen Titans' role and then some).

Finally, it would appear the Cyborg's promotion to leader of the Justice League has cemented his reputation. We have to imagine that Superman, Batman, and the rest of DC's veteran heroes wouldn't trust Darkseid with just anyone. That's assuming DC's 'Big Three' know about the mission... which may not be the case.

The brief comments from Scott Snyder (via CBR) promise a story as strange as fans will immediately suspect. With Snyder teasing that Darkseid "is their Hannibal Lecter," all he would reveal is that the heroes are in need of information, and Darkseid is the one who has it. Is that enough to form an alliance between them? The comic will explain, but Snyder confirmed he lobbied DC to title the series Justice League WTF.

Artist Stjepan Sejic released his sketches and initial concepts for the villain and comic via Twitter following the announcement, highlighting the younger Darkseid. For those who may have not been following recent DC releases, Darkseid returned as a teenage boy following his reincarnation prior to DC's Rebirth. More recently, he managed to restore his power by killing Zeus in combat. It returned him to a Darkseid in the prime of his life - and sporting a new costume, as well.

We'll keep you posted as more information on Justice League Odyssey becomes available - particularly concerning that glowing orb Darkseid is holding on the cover of Issue #1.

Justice League Odyssey is scheduled to launch in June 2018.

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Source: CBR, Stjepan Sejic

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