Will DC's Amazons Become Darkseid's New Army?

WARNING: This article contains SPOILERS for Wonder Woman #37


Darkseid is about to launch an attack on the Amazons - not to beat them, but to recruit them to his side. those DC Comics fans who know the character best will know that the Lord of Apokolips doesn't need his armies to fight for him willingly, but in the DC Rebirth era... things haven't gone so well for Darkseid. It was the fittingly titled "Darkseid War" that helped launch the Rebirth that saw Darkseid killed, and reincarnated as a newborn child. Since then, his climb to the top has been slow - but he's almost there. Now, he needs a fighting force worthy of a god.

You see, Darkseid's path to regaining his own powers were enough of a challenge to hold his attention (recently killing Zeus to become the true Darkseid fans know and love). But his identity and powers of a New God were partly born instilled in him. Becoming the undisputed ruler of Apokolips and commanding its Parademon armies was a completely different matter. He had to fight and kill to claim those prizes. Now that his powers have returned, he's set his sights on the throne of Apokolips.

Which is as bad news for the people of Apokolips as it is for the Amazons, who Darkseid intends to conquer first.

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In case some are wondering, the throne of Apokolips is currently vacant, after changing hands a few times since Darkseid was defeated. First Lex Luthor became ruler of Apokolips, when he tricked the Forever People (the humanoid inhabitants of Apokolips) into thinking he was a prophesied leader. The prophecy actually spoke of Superman, who eventually uncovered Lex's scheming, claimed the role for himself, and turned the power back over to the Forever People's fledgling democracy. It made the people free on one hand, but vulnerable on the other.

It's still unclear why Darkseid believes he needs an entire army to conquer Apokolips, since his powers would make him an army unto himself in the face of the Forever People's civil war and unrest. Those questions will be answered beginning with Wonder Woman #41, when the "Amazons Attacked" story sends Darkseid and Diana on a collision course in search of Themyscira. The official plot synopses offered by DC clarify that Themyscira was built as "a prison for the God of War" and the Amazons are "the most powerful army ever created" charged with keeping him locked up.

Which raises the question, assuming the lore of the DC Universe is being tweaked to include Ares locked away on Themyscira, of which prize Darkseid is after. The army... or the Old God with the power to command War itself?

Wonder Woman panel from Amazons Attack


Of course, it won't just be the Amazons, the God of War, the residents of Apokolips, or even Wonder Woman who are at stake. No matter what comes in the story's conclusion through Wonder Woman #43 and beyond, the events mean that Wonder Woman has an opportunity and duty to return to her home on Themyscira. That alone promises some major narrative development from writer James Robinson, but Diana is no longer the only child of Queen Hippolyta who would want to see the island of the Amazons.

The mystery of Wonder Woman's twin brother Jason paid off in the battle between Zeus and Darkseid, short as the family reunion may have been. But it didn't address the prophecy surrounding Jason, the so-called "Chosen One," made so by being the first man to set foot on Themyscira. What he's chosen for was never clear, but with an opportunity to return to the island and meet his mother...

Let's just say if DC fans are worried for what awaits Apokolips should Darkseid conquer and claim the Amazons as his army, they should be JUST as nervous about what Jason could unleash on planet Earth in the wake.

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Wonder Woman #41 will be available in local comic book shops or via digital services in February 2018.

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