First Look at Upcoming Indie Sci-fi Horror Series Dark/Web

Dark-Web - Lana McKissack, Brian Elerding, Michael Nardelli and Sibongile Mambo

Before the time when original content was dominating streaming services, fans of web series, especially sci-fi or horror, could only find them on various websites and YouTube. While these web series may not have had a significant working budget, the ideas and storytelling behind them was often better than their deep pocket counterparts - such appears to be the case with the upcoming digital anthology series by Felt Films, Dark/Web. Those not familiar with Felt Films should watch Circle - a clever indie thriller written and directed by Aaron Hann and Mario Miscione.

Dark/Web will use serialized storytelling, overseen by Roxy Shih, with each segment acting as both a standalone story, while also adding to the overarching mystery of the collective tale. Each episode will focus on a science fiction or horror theme, and will be written and directed by different people, including Zelda Williams (Teen Wolf), Joshua Thurston (The Brass Teapot), Boman Modine
, Mario Miscione (Circle) and Michael Nardelli (Circle). Autumn Federici will join Shih as producer of the series, with Miscione and Tim Nardelli (Circle).

The story for Dark/Web is such:

The series is framed by the story of a group of young adults living in a technologically connected near future in which everything, and everyone, is online. When three of them become the target of cryptic emails from someone posing as their childhood friend Molly, they assume she’s been the victim of a hack, only to learn she’s been missing for months. Combining the anthology format with an overarching mystery, as the emails pile up, each one contains a tale ostensibly written by Molly, and clues are uncovered that may lead to her location.

Below you can check out the official poster for Dark/Web, as well as some stills from the series:

Dark Web Official Poster

Dark-Web - Noemi Gonzalez, Rene Heger and Lawrence Kao
Molly (Noemi Gonzalez), Zach (Rene Heger) and Max (Lawrence Kao) discuss the future.
Dark-Web - Noemi Gonzalez and Nicholas Brendan

Dark-Web - Nicholas Brendan as Donavan
Nicholas Brendon in Dark/Web as Donavan, director of Cybersecurity & Communications

There used to be a time not long ago that all the good shows to watch were only available on one of the big five over-the-air television channels: CBS, ABC, NBC, Fox or CW. Then cable television came along (such as AMC, FX and HBO) and started giving viewers even more choices for quality entertainment. Now, viewers are in a place where they don't even have to turn on a TV in order to find high quality shows. With series such as Daredevil, Misfits and The Tick now available on Netflix, Hulu and Amazon, a viewer's list of available shows has grown significantly.

Time will tell if the filmmakers can repeat the same intriguing storytelling in Dark/Web as they did with Circle, but it certainly appears that all the necessary pieces are there. The series will star Nicholas Brendon (Buffy the Vampire Slayer), Noemi Gonzalez (Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones), Rene Heger (Circle), Lawrence Kao (The Walking Dead), Brian Elerding (Mad Men), Lana McKissack (Four Rooms), Michael Nardelli (American Crime Story), and Sibongile Mlambo (Black Sails).


There's currently no release date for Dark/Web but we'll update you as more information becomes available.

Source: JoBlo, Deadline

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