The Dark Tower TV Show May Begin Filming This Summer

A TV show based upon The Dark Tower book series is still in the works and looks all set to begin filming across the pond this summer. Producers Ron Howard, Brian Grazer, and Akiva Goldsman spent a decade trying to adapt Stephen King's meta-fantasy The Dark Tower to both the big and small screen. The ambitious plan was for a TV series and group of films to tell the combined story of Roland Deschain and attempt to imitate the multi-faceted series of novels. With last summer's The Dark Tower movie, the first part of that dream was realized—but to less than stellar results.

Despite the failure of The Dark Tower in cinemas, the TV series seems to still be moving forward. The Dark Tower series has a showrunner and is likely in the process of casting now. And unlike the film, which took liberties with the source material, The Dark Tower TV show will be faithful to the books. It's possible that a more direct adaptation and more time to focus on a narrative and explanation of King's world could help the show succeed where the film failed. Either way, production looks to be starting soon.

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Omega Underground is reporting that The Dark Tower TV show will begin production this summer in both the UK and Ireland. Like Game of Thrones, it's likely the show will utilize some of the unique landscapes in the area to bring the world of King's books to life. By doing so, it can create a more alien world without crossing over to ours like the movie.

Whereas The Dark Tower film tried to condense a lot of plot into one film, the TV show is said to be based upon Wizard & Glass, the fourth book in the series. The novel took a step back from the main narrative and showed Roland as a young warrior in a small town dealing with a specific plot. The more streamlined approach—and full immersion in the fantasy world—could be just right for a TV show. From there, the series could then expand upon the world.

Stephen King says The Dark Tower TV show will be a reboot of sorts, meaning the series will be distancing itself from the movie. But by faithfully adapting the books—and focusing on a prequel-type story—the show should be able to avoid associations with the film. Of course, it may need to take the name Wizard & Glass rather than The Dark Tower. Then again, so few people probably remember the film that it may be a non-issue.

Before the movie flopped, Idris Elba was involved with The Dark Tower TV show. But since that time, it's unclear whether any of the cast will return. Elba is interested in sequel to The Dark Tower, but crossing to TV can be tricky. Marvel has only pulled off a film-to-TV crossover a handful of times, though The Dark Tower series may actually want to avoid to many connection to the film. Regardless, it sounds like we'll be hearing more about The Dark Tower television show soon.

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Source: Omega Underground

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