The Dark Tower Posters: Death Doesn't Win Today

New posters for The Dark Tower feature Matthew McConaughey as The Man in Black, and Idris Elba as Roland Deschain, The Gunslinger. After Sony's announcement of its adaptation of Stephen King's The Dark Tower, fans didn't get much in the way of promotional material for the film, other than a few set photos and a poster. However, now that the first Dark Tower trailer has been released, Sony seems to be pushing it up a notch and dropping even more posters, featuring the film's protagonist and antagonist.

As The Man in Black, McConaughey is evil personified; an other-worldly being with no morals or scruples. Up against him, is Roland Deschain (Elba), the last Gunslinger of Mid-World, and on a quest to reach the Dark Tower, the nexus of all existence. The Man in Black pursues him on his mission, trying to thwart his efforts at every turn. These new posters highlight the dark animosity between the pair, and both actors tweeted their own character's poster from their Twitter accounts, with suitably antagonistic comments.

You can check out the new posters for The Dark Tower (along with Elba and McConaughey's comments), below:

.@idriselba Death always wins. #DarkTowerMovie

— Matthew McConaughey (@McConaughey) May 19, 2017

@McConaughey @McConaughey Not today. #DarkTowerMovie

— Idris Elba (@idriselba) May 19, 2017

McConaughey's poster features the Man in Black looking over his shoulder (since he both chases and leads Roland), against a backdrop of the Dark Tower itself, while Elba's has him, guns drawn, against a New York City scene. Fans of King's works, and those who have watched the trailer, will know that "Death always wins," is said by the Man in Black and seems to be the mantra by which he lives. Meanwhile, Roland might not have any qualms about killing where necessary, but he is determined that the Man in Black will not conquer the Tower and end humanity by becoming a God over all.


SPOILERS AHEAD for The Dark Tower Books


The Man in Black's phrase is particularly poignant for the relationship between Jake and Roland. Book readers will know that in the first book, 'The Dark Tower', Jake falls, and ends up hanging from an old mountain railway track. When he begs Roland to help him, The Man in Black gives Roland an ultimatum; save Jake, or get the answers he seeks. Roland leaves Jake to die in order that he can continue his quest. While Jake does return, the event has a huge impact on Roland and once Jake is back by his side, he becomes fiercely protective of him. The Man in Black is gleeful throughout these events, knowing the mental torment he is putting the gunslinger through, and he uses this against him several times. While the scene might not play out exactly in the movie, the mental torment that Roland goes through, will.

McConaughey has already promised that we will see a face-off between himself and Elba in The Dark Tower, and the trailer holds hints of that - with McConaughey truly embracing his character's chilling and villainous ways.

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