The Dark Tower Trailer Teasers: The Tower Will Fall

The first teasers are here for The Dark  Tower, ahead of the full trailer release tomorrow (Wednesday, May 3rd). After spending several years languishing in pre-production - and attracting the attentions of such directors as J.J. Abrams and Ron Howard - things are finally coming together leading up to this summer's release of The Dark  Tower. Directed by Danish filmmaker and screenwriter Nikolaj Arcel, and starring Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey as series mainstays Roland Deschain and The Man in Black respectively, the new movie based on the series of fantasy novels by best-selling author Stephen King, arrives at last this year.

Taking loose inspiration from the series of novels originally written by King between 1982 and 2004 - in addition to the subsequent sequel The Wind Through the Keyhole from 2012 - The Dark Tower has remained a frequently cited fan-favorite of the preeminent American author over the course of the past thirty-plus years. Following news that The Dark Tower trailer is rated and due tomorrow - in addition to the release of three Dark Tower motion posters - all eyes are looking forward to the movie's release later this August. Now, Elba and McConaughey have offered fans another sneak peek, by way of Twitter.

In the footage featured above and below, potential viewers of The Dark Tower can get two brief glances at Elba and McConaughey in character - in addition to few scattered shots of certain objects and locations that should prove to be immediately familiar to longtime readers of King's books. Elba and McConaughey definitely seem to be having a good time in promoting the new movie, and with any luck fans will be in for a real thrill ride in theaters later this summer.

Based on the footage provided, Elba and McConaughey seem to have slid right into their respective roles with relative ease and a flourish that offers a passing glance at what The Dark Tower proper will have to offer potential viewers in full. King fans are no doubt continuing to salivate over the very idea of a movie based on the fantasy epic finally making its way to the big screen, and the footage offered thus is certainly aiming to please.

Only time will tell whether or not Elba and McConaughey match up to viewers' expectations, but with any luck Arcel's feature-length adaptation of The Dark Tower will prove to be up to snuff. King crafted one of the most well-regarded contemporary fantasy series of the late 20th century in his original novels, and with any luck Hollywood will strike the same tone with moviegoers the world over.

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Source: Sony/Columbia Pictures

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