First Poster For The Dark Tower: There Are Other Worlds

Idris Elba as Roland Deschain in Dark Tower

The Dark Tower movie has been a long time coming, and though it is set for release this July, we still haven't seen any trailer for the movie at all. In fact, things have been very quiet on The Dark Tower front; so much so, that fans have been wondering exactly what's going on with it. A teaser was widely expected to drop around Christmas time, but nothing appeared. Since then, a music single was released specifically for the trailer, which gave us all hope, but still, no trailer was forthcoming.

There is hope, though. The first poster for The Dark Tower has now arrived - albeit quietly and without much fanfare. That's a shame, since it's a very clever poster and (hopefully) this movie is something worth getting excited about.

The poster (via Coming Soon), which can be seen in full below, shows Idris Elba as The Gunslinger, Roland Deschain, and Tom Taylor as Jake Chambers. If you take a look at the top, you'll also see Matthew McConaughey as Walter O'Dim/ The Man in Black, walking the streets of New York.

The Dark Tower movie poster

The poster's magic doesn't end there, though. While it looks as though Jake and Roland are upside down, wandering Mid-World, if you look at the shape formed by the outlines of the buildings, it forms the Dark Tower, which Roland is on a quest to reach.

The Dark Tower will draw influence from across all of Stephen King's books within the series, but will not feature either of integral characters Eddie Dean or Susannah Walker; they will apparently appear in sequels (if the film is a big enough hit to spawn subsequent movies). The project, directed by Nikolaj Arcel, has taken a long time to come to fruition, and a movie adaptation of one of King's most popular works is something fans have been eager to see. However, now that it's finally been made, The Dark Tower has also been hit by delays, moving from its original release date of February 2017 to July in order that more work can be done on visual effects.

That's not necessarily a bad thing; it's far better to take the time to get these things right, but the lack of trailer or any real promotion for this movie is both confusing and frustrating. Confusing, because while fans of King's work will definitely flock to theaters to see the movie, regular moviegoers will need to be convinced to see it, and that can't happen without a good publicity campaign. And frustrating, because for fans of King's Dark Tower books, it's been a long enough wait for this movie to get made, and now they just want to see what it looks like. This poster does offer hope, though. Surely, a trailer can't be too far off now?

Source: Coming Soon

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  • The Dark Tower (2017) release date: Aug 04, 2017
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