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Ubisoft’s Rabbids are getting a feature film; Seth Rogen and Joseph Gordon-Levitt will reunite for an untitled Christmas comedy; writing has begun on Magic Mike 2; the Dark Tower adaptation is “off” again; and the Goosebumps movie adds its third lead.

Ubisoft and Sony Pictures have announced a forthcoming feature film centered on the video game developer’s Rabbids property.

Ubisoft Rabbids Movie Announcement Movie News Wrap Up: The Dark Tower, Magic Mike 2, Goosebumps & More

The film hopes to piggyback off the success of the recently released Rabbids Invasion animated television show, which drew solid numbers on Nickelodeon. Unlike Rabbids Invasion, however, this forthcoming Rabbids film will feature a combination of live-action and animation.

Ubisoft Motion Pictures’ executive director Jean-Julien Baronnet shared his enthusiasm over working with Sony Pictures as part of the project. More specifically, Baronnet cites the studio’s success in the hybrid live action/animation genre (The Smurfs) as a key reason behind the partnership. So, while Ubisoft Motion Pictures’ has several adult-themed projects in development, it appears they are also going after the younger demographics.

50/50 co-stars Seth Rogen and Joseph Gordon-Levitt are set to reteam with director Jonathan Levine in an untitled Christmas comedy for Sony.

Seth Rogen Joseph Gordon Levitt Cast Christmas Comedy Movie News Wrap Up: The Dark Tower, Magic Mike 2, Goosebumps & More

Rogen and Gordon-Levitt will play two friends – part of a trio – that reunite in New York City on Christmas Eve. Although the third friend has yet to be cast, it shouldn’t be long before Sony breaks the announcement, as the studio is targeting a summer 2014 shoot date.

Sony reportedly fought tooth and nail to secure the distribution rights over the weekend, beating out the likes of Universal and Paramount. All in all, the project sounds like a good fit for Sony, who are slowly building a relationship with Rogen and his frequent collaborator Evan Goldberg following the success of This is the End.

Source: THR

Channing Tatum has begun writing Magic Mike 2 and celebrated the monumental event with the below photo:

While the sequel has been simmering on the back burner for the better part of a year, it appears that Tatum & Co. are looking to get moving on the project, which is said to be structured like a road trip movie. No official casting has been announced yet, but it appears that Matthew McConaughey is on board. Or maybe Channing Tatum just has a bust of his Magic Mike co-star lying around for inspiration.

In addition to casting, there are several looming questions surrounding Magic Mike 2, including who might direct the sequel. Last we had heard, Tatum was considering a run at the director’s chair.

Source: Channing Tatum

While out promoting his directorial debut Winter’s Tale, Akiva Goldsman revealed that his next project will likely not be an adaptation of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower.

Dark Tower Producer Says Adaptation Not Back On Movie News Wrap Up: The Dark Tower, Magic Mike 2, Goosebumps & More

For several years, we have been hearing news about a possible Dark Tower film, and even a TV series, but not much has come of that. Then, a few weeks ago, word broke that Aaron Paul had reportedly taken a meeting with Dark Tower producer Ron Howard, sparking speculation the project might once again be back on track.

Unfortunately, as Goldsman tells Collider, those rumors are baseless. Rather, no traction has been made with the project, even though Goldsman and Howard have no plans to dump it.

Source: Collider

Jack Black’s forthcoming film centered on the Goosebumps young adult series has added Dylan Minnette to its cast.

Dylan Minnette Cast Goosebumps Movie Movie News Wrap Up: The Dark Tower, Magic Mike 2, Goosebumps & More

Many (i.e. regular Screen Rant readers) will recognize Minnette from his guest spot on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., where he played Donnie Gill. He also had a small role as Hugh Jackman’s son in the feature film Prisoners.

As far as the upcoming adaptation is concerned, Minnette will play Zach Cooper, a NY transplant and neighbor to Mr. Shivers (Jack Black), Goosebumps‘ fictionalized version of the series’ real author R.L. Stine. After many of Shivers’ creations start entering the real world – brought to life by the mischievous ventriloquist dummy Slappy – Zach must team up with the author’s niece Hannah (Odeya Rush) to fight them off.

Source: Deadline

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