The Dark Tower: New Look at Idris Elba as The Gunslinger

The Dark Tower - Idris Elba

[WARNING: This post contains SPOILERS for The Dark Tower book series.]

A new image from The Dark Tower has been released. The movie is based on the series of Stephen King novels about parallel worlds and the epic quest of Roland the Last Gunslinger to find the Dark Tower. As fans know, Roland's story is not confined to the eight novels in the series. All of King's books and even his short stories are connected, with references to events and characters crossing over constantly. At the center of it all is Roland, and his quest.

The film version of The Dark Tower has been a long time coming. With so much source material to work with, it was initially assumed that the movie would start from the first book, The Gunslinger. It has since been revealed that the movie takes elements from all eight King novels, and is in fact a sequel to the series rather than an adaption - meaning that the story will be an original one, though with many elements that fans will find familiar.

Some indications of what those familiar elements are have been released in a new picture found on Yahoo Movies, seen below:

The Dark Tower Idris Elba Gunslinger Tom Taylor

The picture shows Roland and his surrogate son Jake Chambers walking down a city street. Roland's world does not have cities like this, it resembles the Old West more than anything. But he travels to a version of our world a number of times in the books. His companions - or ka-tet - are all from New York City at different time periods. Jake is from the 1970s, in fact. Every world has a version of The Dark Tower, in our world it is a rose that grows in an abandoned lot in NYC.

Due to the proximity of the rose, New York City plays a huge part in Roland's story. Nearly everyone the Gunslinger encounters from our world has a connection to the city - except for a handful who are from King's home state of Maine. There are ways to travel between the various parallel worlds out of New York, something Roland's enemies are as aware of as he is.

Despite all these connections to New York, Jake and Roland are rarely there together in the books, so this picture seems to indicate an original scene. Jake's arrival in the city might also indicate some element of his existence. When Jake and Roland meet in The Gunslinger it is because Jake died in our world, and found himself in Roland's. Nearly every time Jake is seen in his home city, it is either in a scene that takes place before the accident that killed him, or after Roland prevented the accident from happening. Seeing Jake in New York might indicate that this version of him has not died. Though as fans of the books know, Jake has a bit of a habit of dying, and Roland has a bit of a habit of letting him.

Roland is still dressed exactly as he is in previous pictures, which have shown him in his home world. Implying that he is taking no effort to blend into his surroundings. New York does have a reputation for all sorts of crazy outfits on the street. Though even if no one looks at Roland twice for his leather vest and boots, odds are good that his very visible guns and gun belt will draw some unwanted attention very quickly.

The end of The Dark Tower book series did not exactly provide closure on Roland's story. Perhaps the new adventures in this movie will give fans a conclusion once and for all.

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