New Projections Suggest The Dark Tower Could Lose To Dunkirk At Box Office

The Dark Tower and Dunkirk

Updated box office predictions after Thursday and Friday suggest The Dark Tower could lose its opening weekend to Dunkirk, a film that is currently in its third week of release.

Dunkirk may be an intense, serious war movie, but it still comes from Christopher Nolan, a proven director of blockbusters from atypical pitches; the film beat expectations to net $50.5 million in its first week and showed off competition from The Emoji Movie to win its second. Conversely, The Dark Tower arrives under the shadow of post-production creative clashes and a selection of overly negative reviews. Previous projections based on Thursday totals still had the Matthew McConaughey/Idris Elba-starring Stephen King adaptation easily winning the weekend in the $20-$25 million bracket, but updated numbers suggest otherwise.

The Wrap is reporting Saturday projections for the weekend that peg The Dark Tower making $18 million across the opening frame, with Dunkirk expected to hit around $16-17 million. Given the closeness of the numbers and how much Tower has already fallen, that could indicate Nolan's war thriller maintaining its #1 slot.

Even if Dunkirk does slide to #2, this is still very bad news for The Dark Tower. The film had a moderate budget of $60 million so a below-$20 million opening makes breaking even look incredibly unlikely, especially given the film's terrible reviews and B CinemaScore. With the movie intended to serve as the jumping board for more films and a prequel TV series, that's especially troubling for Sony. That said, their marketing for the movie was incredibly strange, with a very late first trailer and minimal fanfare as release approached suggesting they were always aware of the film's uphill struggle.

As well as reaffirming Dunkirk's success - the film is almost home free into profit - the updated predictions also predict troubles for The Emoji Movie, which is set to drop 50% to $12 million. Costing $50 million, it looks like Sony's other reviled late-Summer release will be a loser.

These are of course mid-weekend estimates so things could change, but the message seems to be that, despite success last month with Baby Driver and Spider-Man: Homecoming, Sony is struggling. With recent finance reports having them losing $86 million in the first quarter, this doesn't bode too well for the studio. Bigger than that, it sees Summer 2017 begin to wrap up on a rather ignominious note. Ticket sales have been down this year despite an overall higher quality of content, leaving all studios with some major issues to address going forward.

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Source: The Wrap

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