Dark Souls 3 Takes Advantage of Sad Affleck Meme

Dark Souls 3 vs. Sad Ben Affleck Batman

Fans of the notoriously difficult video games by Japanese developer FromSoftware and publisher Bandai Namco Entertainment are likely looking forward with perhaps something slightly divorced from outright glee when it comes to the impending release of Dark Souls 3. Starting with the PlayStation 3 title Demon's Souls in 2009, FromSoftware has cornered the market on exceedingly challenging dungeon crawler productions within the current generation of consoles.

Dark Souls 3 will mark the end of a FromSoftware trilogy and overarching franchise, which includes the aforementioned spiritual predecessor Demon's Souls and the thematically related Bloodborne from 2015. Ahead of said conclusion, all eyes have been focused on the impending level of difficult in terms of basic player mechanics and design from the latest entry in the critically acclaimed franchise, a facet of the title which has just recently been promoted once more in a cheekier fashion than ever.

Fans and critics of distributor Warner Bros. Pictures recent theatrical release Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice are well aware by now of the Sad Affleck meme that has swarmed the internet in the three weeks since the film saw initial theatrical release domestically. It has almost 22 million views and can be seen below. Featuring actor Ben Affleck and his co-star Henry Cavill fielding questions about the negative critical reaction to their formerly cited production, with the camera closing in on a presumably hurt, wounded, or perhaps only mildly perturbed Affleck as the classic Simon & Garfunkle song, "The Sound of Silence," plays over a montage of bad press clippings.

Using said visual cue, FromSoftware posted their own take on the popular meme using their official Dark Souls 3 Twitter account, only the question being posed this time around is in regards to the release of their new game and the two actors' memories of playing the first two entries in the series. What follows is the familiarly beleaguered mug of one Sad Affleck, reminiscing about all of the times that players have died whilst attempting to progress across the title's punishing landscapes, sprawling maps, and singular dungeons, while "The Sound of Silence," continues to play in the background.

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