Dark Season 2 Teaser Tries To Unravel A Time-Traveling Mystery

Louis Hofmann in Dark Season 2 Netflix

Season 2 of Netflix’s German sci-fi series Dark gets even more mysterious with an all-new teaser trailer. The twisty mind-bender was one of the most exciting and unexpected new series to hit the streamer in 2017, delivering a moody, atmospheric story about a small town in Germany whose residents are unwittingly caught in a bizarre set of circumstances that repeatedly impact the past, present, and future. And as the series illustrated in the season 1 finale, the future is not at all a place anyone would want to be. 

As such, season 2 (or the Second Cycle, as the series has taken to calling it) will follow through with Jonas (Louis Hofmann), who found himself whisked away to the near future, which is a dystopian wasteland thanks to an apocalypse that he is apparently destined to see come to pass. Whether or not that happens is ideally the crux of this new season, but considering it was announced by Netflix that the series would reach its conclusion with season 3 (or the Third Cycle, apparently), it stands to reason that the upcoming episodes will dig deeper into the show’s overarching mystery and possibly come up with some new and unexpected entanglements in the process. 

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Though the new teaser is less than a minute long, it the details revealed from the new season are intriguing. The preview is also almost entirely devoted to Jonas’s ongoing exploration of the mysteries of time travel, which apparently includes a physical manifestation of some sort that may or may not allow greater control of where and when a person goes when messing with the time-space continuum. Check out the teaser below:

It’s a clever approach for the teaser to focus entirely on Jonas, as Dark includes a large ensemble with multiple actors playing the same characters at different points in time. While there is a quick glimpse of the older, grizzled Jonas who skulked around during much of season 1, the teaser mostly forgoes any information on what Jonas’s mother Hannah (Maja Schöne) or her former lover Ulrich (Oliver Masucci) and his wife Katharina (Jördis Triebel) are up to in season 2. This could be a simple marketing decision, or it could mean that, given his position in the story, Jonas is shifting to more of a leading role this time around. 

With only a few weeks to wait until the new season drops, it looks as though Netflix has its sights set on viewers who are ready for the next big television mystery. Whether or not that mystery will be as fulfilling with a binge-watch than with a more traditional approach may be the biggest mystery of all. 

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Dark season 2 will premiere on Friday, June 21 exclusively on Netflix.

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