Dark Phoenix Star Says Film Is 'About The X-Men Family'

X-Men: Dark Phoenix star Evan Peters says the film is darker, more dramatic, and all about friends and family. Things have been a little topsy-turvy for the XCU, despite the stellar success of Deadpool 2 and considerable momentum towards X-Force. Outside of things involving the Merc with the Mouth, dates have been pushed back for every upcoming film and Gambit is still without a director. But while X-Men: Dark Phoenix is no longer arriving this year, it seems to be in a better place than its upcoming peers.

We haven't yet seen a trailer for X-Men: Dark Phoenix, but tidbits have emerged since the first images were revealed. Since then, an X-Men: Dark Phoenix teaser poster emerged online, teasing that an official start to the film's promotional campaign could be starting soon. And with San Diego Comic-Con coming up fast, it shouldn't be long now. Until then, Quicksilver actor Evan Peters has thankfully been fairly open about discussing the film and his character.

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Den of Geek recently spoke with Peters about his film American Animals, and the conversation briefly jumped over to next year's X-Men: Dark Phoenix. While the actor couldn't reveal much, he teased some themes for the upcoming blockbuster.

“I think the title kind of says it all: it’s a little bit darker and it’s a little bit more of a drama. It’s really about Phoenix and Jean's inner-struggle and how that pans out, and who your real friends are. Who’s helping you through these difficult times? So it’s really about that and it’s about the X-Men family, and I think it’s a serious film.”

Jean Grey in Space in X-Men Dark Phoenix

Though not too revealing, the idea that Jean's struggle with the Phoenix Force could force everyone to determine who their real friends are is interesting. The nod to the X-Men family also shows that the group will become more tight knit, even as they face new trials and tribulations. This echoes what Peters has previously said about his own character, specifically that Quicksilver will be more of a team player in X-Men: Dark Phoenix. The last we saw him and the rest of the new recruits, they had updated costumes bringing them closer to the comics. Naturally, the new film will see the mutants acting more as a team than ever before, which should please longtime fans.

Outside of the various themes that the movie will focus on, however, we don't know a lot about the plot. Rumors have abounded that the Skrulls and Shi'ar will factor into the film, but the latest news seems to indicate X-Men: Dark Phoenix won't involve space. That clashes with the concept art we saw of Jean floating outside of the Earth's atmosphere, but we know the movie will undergo significant reshoots. Perhaps that intergalactic plot will be excised, meaning the latest X-Men film to adapt the Dark Phoenix storyline may once agin shun the source material. Hopefully, some official information will arrive soon and clue us into the direction of X-Men: Dark Phoenix.

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Source: Den of Geek

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