Dark Phoenix Gets an Exclusive (& Explosive) WonderCon Poster

20th Century Fox reveals an exclusive Dark Phoenix poster for attendees of the film's panel at this year's WonderCon in Anaheim, California.

Dark Phoenix WonderCon poster

20th Century Fox unveiled a WonderCon exclusive poster for their upcoming X-Men film Dark Phoenix. Attendees of the panel were all lucky enough to receive a copy, but it's likely no one outside of the event will be receiving one.

Simon Kinberg is making his directorial debut with the film which centers its story on Jean Grey (Sophie Turner), one of the X-Men who finds herself internally battling with a dark entity after being hit by a cosmic force during a rescue mission in space. Jean finds herself channeling her newfound powers in ways that she couldn't even imagine, placing the X-Men in a difficult position. The team now must find a way to save Jean's life while also protecting Earth from aliens attempting to weaponize Jean and her enhanced abilities in order to rule the galaxy. The film sees many other familiar faces returning to the franchise, such as Jennifer Lawrence, Nicholas Hoult, Alexandra Shipp, Tye Sheridan, Kodi Smit-McPhee, Evan Peters, Michael Fassbender, and James McAvoy, along with newcomer Jessica Chastain.

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X-Men Movies tweeted out the poster yesterday, captioning it, "every hero has a dark side." Considering Dark Phoenix's plot, it makes sense why Jean takes center stage in the explosive WonderCon exclusive poster. The vibrant splashes of red, orange, and yellow showcase the Phoenix Force that Jean grapples with throughout the story, while the style of the poster overall is very reminiscent of a comic book. It makes for an eye-catching image that pays homage to the original Dark Phoenix Saga comics, while building anticipation for the upcoming film. Check out the poster below:

Dark Phoenix is carrying a lot on its shoulders. After the franchise's previous film, X-Men: Apocalypse, flopped amongst critics and fans, many wondered how the upcoming film would rise from the cinematic ashes of its predecessor. The film, originally slated for a release last November, has seen plenty of backlash in regard to its first-time director, whose previous writing credits include X-Men Apocalypse, and with the fact that it's rehashing a story that has already been told in 2006's X-Men: The Last Stand. With Disney's recent acquisition of Fox as well, the film has unfortunately landed in a problematic spot with the future of the franchise in regard to whether or not it will be rebooted under the Disney/Marvel name.

Thankfully, trailers and this exclusive poster have shown that Kinberg is ready to tell Jean's story with gusto. In comparison to X-Men: The Last Stand, The Dark Phoenix's WonderCon exclusive poster has shown that the movie will be focusing all of its energy on Jean and the Phoenix Force that overtakes her. Hopefully, this installment can revitalize the franchise and make audiences eager to see what they churn out next. The cast and crew are ready to set the world ablaze with this vibrant and thrilling entry into the X-Men universe.

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Source: X-Men Movies

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