Expect A Much More Mature Cyclops in X-Men: Dark Phoenix

Tye Sheridan teases a more mature Scott Summers aka. Cyclops in Dark Phoenix. Marking the directorial debut of longtime X-Men films producer, Simon Kinberg, the forthcoming Fox superhero film is the fourth movie in the brand new X-Men prequel continuity and will put the focus on Sophie Turner's Jean Grey as she fully assumes the persona of the Dark Phoenix.

Based on Chris Claremont's The Dark Phoenix Saga, the film will see the return of the familiar faces such as as James McAvoy (Professor X), Michael Fassbender (Magneto), Jennifer Lawrence (Mystique) and Nicholas Hoult (Beast), as well as younger actors led by Turner and Sheridan. Now slated for a June 2019 release date, the first trailer for the movie may not have blown away people, but following its special panel at New York Comic Con 2018, buzz has been positive, which is a good indication that Kinberg may have actually made up for the critically panned X-Men: Last  Stand.

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Speaking with Screen Rant during this year's New York Comic Con, Sheridan teased what to expect from Scott when fans reunite with him in Dark Phoenix. While he didn't give any specific narrative points away, he shared that his character will be more mature in the upcoming film, which is kind of needed considering he'll have to man up in order to effectively deal with Jean's situation.

He's maybe the most affected by what happens to Jean and kinda this unraveling...When she starts to encounter and struggles to handle and I think he's directly in front of that. And she's the one that he loves. He's going to go to the end of the Earth to save her. And I think that he and Charles kind of set out to help Jean. And throughout the movie you kinda see the X-Men break apart. I think it's a much more mature version of him. He's much more focused on getting back to Jean and helping to save her. So it's really exciting. And there's also some really fragile moments with him, because it's not easy to handle the fact that the one you love may be going crazy or you don't know what's happening...

Sophie Turner as Jean Grey with Cyclops' hand in X-Men Dark Phoenix

While retreading the same narrative risks the possibility that Dark Phoenix may just be an updated version of The Last Stand, one main difference is that Logan/Wolverine won't be a part of the Kinberg-directed film. Brett Ratner's approach on the narrative put the scruffy, cigar-smoking mutant at the forefront with regard to dealing with Jean Grey's unraveling while Scott was pushed to the side and even killed by the Phoenix early on in the movie. This time, Scott is expected to play a pivotal role in Jean's struggle which in turn, will highlight their relationship. The new continuity has been setting up their relationship since their introduction in X-Men: Apocalypse, with the two officially being involved with each other by the time Dark Phoenix begins.

Kinberg did say that the two's bond will be the emotional core of Dark Phoenix and it's nice to see that Cyclops finally getting the attention that he deserves. It will, however, boil down to whether or not the movie is able to sell audience to the couple's supposedly strong bond. While the franchise has been building their relationships for a couple of films now, fans have yet to see them fully engaged with each other. That said, based on Sheridan's recent comments, it seems like Kinberg had the right idea when depicting the two's love for each other given Scott's determination to save Jean.

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Key Release Dates
  • X-Men: Dark Phoenix (2019) release date: Jun 07, 2019
  • New Mutants (2020) release date: Apr 03, 2020
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