Dark Matter Team Launching Massive Giveaway For Fans

Raza in Dark Matter

Dark Matter fans who want to literally own part of the Raza will soon be able to do just that, thanks to an upcoming giveaway event. While little hope remains for the Canadian-made Syfy series to score a revival on another network, there is still some good news for the show's loyal viewers. Cancelled a mere week after a season 3 finale cliffhanger involving an alien invasion, the space drama earned a huge fan campaign on social media, spurred on by creator Joseph Mallozzi in hopes of saving the series.

Dark Matter followed the good, bad, and always dangerous adventures of the eclectic crew of the spaceship Raza. In the first episode, the six core characters awoke from stasis with complete amnesia. With the help of the ship's android, these former criminals spent three seasons discovering the truth about their previous identities, and the kind of people they wanted to be going forward. Mallozzi revealed after the cancellation that he had two more seasons planned out, but despite the vigorous efforts of the tweeting fanbase, the three most promising investors were ultimately unable to act as "savior."

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Mallozzi has been keeping fans updated on the state of Dark Matter through his personal blog, and recently shared photos from the studio of the sets being broken down and packed away. While this is definitely a sad occasion for fans of the series, it's also an opportunity for them to personally own a piece of the Raza. After discussion with Prodigy Pictures president Jay Firestone, Mallozzi announced that rather than a typical industry sale, there will be a large giveaway of Dark Matter memorabilia.

It sounds like this could be a pretty large-scale giveaway, with the production crew taking next week to "collect, photograph, and itemize everything" that will be available. Mallozzi will be sharing some of those photos on his blog, as well as the final contest details. For those that wish to plan ahead, the Dark Matter writer already knows what he wants from fans.

"We want you to write us a letter explaining what Dark Matter meant to you. Make sure to include your name and address for a chance to win anything from a Dark Matter t-shirt or cap to a costume, prop, or a part of the set."

Fans can follow the official Twitter account for the fan campaigns, @DarkMatterFTL, for updates. The giveaway news will be under the hashtag #ItsARealFanThing. To kick things off, Mallozzi will be giving away a final shooting script draft of the episode "All the Time in the World", once the hashtag reaches 10,000 tweets.

The DarkMatterFTL account has also retweeted the announcement that Netflix will be spending approximately $400 million (in American dollars) on original content from Canada, so there's always a shred of hope that Dark Matter might find a home there in some shape or form in the future. Barring any such miracle, however, Mallozzi has expressed a desire to continue the series on in comic book form, if he can work out rights issues with the original Dark Matter comic source material. Whatever the medium, it will be a great consolation to longtime viewers if there was some quality closure to this entertaining, character-driven series.

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We will bring you more Dark Matter-related news as it becomes available.

Source: Joseph Mallozzi

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