Everything You Need To Know About Dark Matter's Cancellation

Dark Matter season 4 is unlikely to happen after the show was canceled by Syfy after its third season despite solid ratings and a loyal fanbase - here's everything you need to know about a potential return. Dark Matter was originally conceived as a TV series by creators Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie, but it was first turned into a limited series comic in 2012 by Dark Horse comics. Dark Matter was later picked up for a 13-episode TV series by Syfy in 2014, which finds the crew of a spaceship called Raza waking up from stasis with total amnesia.

Dark Matter's mismatched team didn’t even know their own names, so they’re named in the order they awoke. One (Marc Bendavid) is the charming, but shy, moral compass of the crew. Two (Melissa O’Neil) acts as the ship’s captain, who is a tough leader but ultimately cares about her crew. Three (Anthony Lemke) is the gun-toting bad boy of the gang while Four (Alex Mallari, Jr) is a skilled, sword-wielding warrior. Five (Jodelle Ferland) is the Raza’s resident techie and computer expert and Six (Roger Cross) is an intriguing mix of brain and brawn. There’s also an android (Zoie Palmer) who becomes more human the more she interacts with the group. Dark Matter’s mix of a great ensemble cast, plentiful action scenes and an intriguing mystery hook saw it attract a loyal fanbase, and it filled the gap left behind by the end of the Stargate television series. Dark Matter joined a solid line-up of science fiction shows on Syfy during its run, including Killjoys and The Expanse.

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While Dark Matter was never quite a blockbuster in terms of ratings, it still enjoyed healthy numbers and would run for two further seasons. Mallozzi – a veteran of Stargate SG-1 and its various spinoff shows– had an endgame in mind for Dark Matter but after the third season finished airing, there were already signs the show may not return. Here's why Dark Matter season 4 is unlikely.

Why Dark Matter Was Cancelled After Season 3

Melissa O'Neil in Dark Matter

While ratings for the Dark Matter TV series had dipped midway through its third season, the show still performed well for the network. Work had already begun on a fourth season when Syfy pulled the plug on Dark Matter in late 2017. Series creator Joseph Mallozzi would later take to his blog to break down the reasons Dark Matter was canceled. Fans couldn’t comprehend why the series was canceled when other Syfy programs with lower ratings were renewed, but Mallozzi would explain the situation was more complex than that. It came down to the fact the Dark Matter series wasn’t a Syfy original but an acquisition, affecting their ability to monetize it.

Dark Matter Season 4 Almost Happened As A Stargate Crossover

Dark Matter

Mallozzi would shop the show around to other networks in hopes of it being picked up, with MGM very interested in acquiring it for their streaming service Stargate Command. This service let fans stream every episode and movie from the franchise, and MGM was interested in reviving Dark Matter season 4 to give it a proper finale, in addition to crossing it over with Stargate. Sadly, time ran out on the actor’s contracts and the production’s sets before a deal could be reached, dashing hopes of the Dark Matter being rescued.

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Dark Matter Season 4 Would End The Series (But Is Now Unlikely)

Dark Matter TV Series Cancelation

Unlike a lot of TV series, Dark Matter actually had an ending in mind. Mallozzi mapped out a complete five-season story arc for the show, with season 3 ending on a big cliffhanger. Scripts were already being written for Dark Matter season 4 when Syfy canned the show, with a focus on the brewing android revelation. While Mallozzi was initially optimistic about finding a way to bring the show back for a proper finale, he appears to have accepted its now done.

He’s discussed the possibility of finishing off Dark Matter in the form of a comic book, but the chances of the series coming back for another season or mini-series appear slim right now. That being said, with the current era of beloved, canceled show’s being unexpectedly resurrected (Twin Peaks, Arrested Development, Brooklyn Nine-Nine etc) there’s still hope Dark Matter’s final season could happen someday. So long as the show’s creator and cast are open to it, the crew of the Raza could still fly again someday.

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