There's Still Hope For Dark Matter Season 4

Though Syfy cancelled the space opera TV series Dark Matter last week, fans are rallying to get the show a new home, with the cast and producers pitching in to get the word out.

Created by Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie, Dark Matter premiered in 2015 during Syfy's summer programming. The show focused on the crew of a spaceship called the Raza. The show began with six people who awoke from suspended animation without any knowledge of their past lives. Giving themselves numbers instead of names, the crew investigated their mysterious pasts only to discover that most of them were wanted criminals. Aided by an android, the crew became involved in a number of misadventures across the galaxy. The show developed a loyal fanbase and a reputation as a unapologetic science fiction series that relied heavily on sci-fi elements.

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After three seasons, Dark Matter was cancelled. Though the show's ratings may not have been what Syfy was expecting, it was pointed out by the show's co-creator, Mallozzi, that its ratings during its third season were consistent, as opposed to other shows that generally see a considerable, steady drop throughout a season. Reactions to the show's cancellation have ignited all over social media, with Mallozzi tweeting that a hashtag inspired from a line from Dark Matter, #ItsBubbaTime, was trending at #1 in Canada.

#ItsBubbaTime at Number 1 in Canada!

— Joseph Mallozzi (@BaronDestructo) September 7, 2017

When a show gets cancelled, it's not unusual for fans to take action, but in the case of Dark Matter, there just might be a chance of it working in their favor. Mallozzi writes on his blog that even industry outsiders are "perplexed" by Syfy's decision to axe that the show, and claims that there are "a few industry heavyweights who recognize the show’s worth, its potential, and its passionate fanbase."

According to Mallozzi, the cast and crew of the show will eventually take new jobs, meaning that time is limited for Dark Matter to find a new home. That's why fans are pulling out all the stops to make sure networks hear their pleas.

A major Twitter campaign is scheduled for tonight during which fans will be encouraged to use a hashtag to make it a trending topic. The fans are also not alone in their attempts to save the show, as Mallozzi and members of the cast are actively tweeting in support of the cause and will also participate in the campaign.

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The Twitter campaign to make season 4 of Dark Matter a reality will be hosted by @DarkMatterFTL and will begin at 9 PM ET.

Source: Joseph Mallozzi [via TVJunkies]

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