Dark Matter Season 4 Fan Campaign is 'Having An Effect'

Following Syfy's decision to cancel the space opera series Dark Matter after three seasons, a fan campaign erupted in an attempt to find the show a new home, and according to the series creator, that effort might actually be working.

Created by Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie, Dark Matter aired on Syfy for three seasons as part of their summer programming. The show told the story of six criminals who awoke from suspended animation on a spaceship called the Raza with no memory of their past lives. With a deep focus on sci-fi elements, the show developed a loyal and passionate fanbase. On September 1, Syfy cancelled Dark Matter after 39 episodes. Fans, with help from the cast and producers, have been working hard to get the show picked up by Netflix or another network.

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Joseph Mallozzi wrote in his blog post about the efforts of the fans to keep the show alive and though he admits that moving the show to a network is a longshot, he remains positive that the fan campaign is influencing other networks.

We can do this! In fact, we ARE doing it.  All that online passion – the tweets, retweets, tagging and hash tagging – is having an effect. It’s impressing some, concerning others, but surprising all.  It’s thanks to you that we are where we are, with three potential new partners in deep discussion.  As I’ve been saying all along, pulling this off is still a longshot, but you’ve gone above and beyond the call in raising awareness and letting everyone out there know exactly how much Dark Matter means to you.  And now we need you to pour it on for the big finish.

Mallozzi has not revealed who the "three potential partners" are, but has repeatedly spoken of discussions with "interested parties." Last Friday, a fan campaign on Twitter using the hashtag #RocktheRaza accumulated over 124,000 tweets and was able to trend at #1 in New York. Mallozzi and members of the cast also participated in the event. Over 40,000 signatures have been added to a petition to save the series.

According to Mallozzi, fans are planning to "shake the internet" in another Twitter event tonight, with the possibility of "surprise guests." Like last Friday's event, fans will be asked to use a hashtag to make it a trending topic. Mallozzi is promising to release bloopers from the show while also hosting an "Ask Me Anything" Q&A on Reddit. The cast, producers, and fans hope that their efforts will breathe new life into Dark Matter.

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The AMA will be held on reddit at /r/DarkMatter at 7pm ET. The Twitter campaign will be hosted by @DarkMatterFTL and will begin at 9pm.

Source: Joseph Mallozzi

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