Dark Matter & Killjoys New Season Premiere Dates Revealed

Syfy announces premiere dates for more of its shows, including the third seasons of Killjoys and Dark Matter. With the fall/winter TV season wrapping up, it's time to start looking forward to big season finales and upcoming spring/summer shows. Not only are big summer series (like Game of Thrones) on the way in the next few months, but Netflix has a whole new set of original series and increasing numbers of new shows are taking advantage of less competition to enjoy a summer launch. There's an incredible amount of spring/summer viewing to look forward to this year, and several networks are still announcing the premiere dates of new seasons.

One such network is Syfy, which has plenty of new and returning programming to enjoy over the summer months, including new shows and several underrated series that are back for another season. Now, the network has started to announced premiere dates for shows starting in the next few months, including the popular Killjoys and Dark Matter. 

Dark Matter is first to return to the small screen with a third season starting Friday, June 9th, according to TVLine. After Dark Matter's back-to-back premiere at 8pm before moving to its usual 9pm slot, sister show Killjoys returns later that month on June 30th at 8pm. June also sees the start of new show Blood Drive, a grindhouse-style offering about a road race with cars that run on human blood, launching June 14th. Also on the slate for the summer is Sharknado 5 set for August.

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This news follows earlier announcements of the premiere dates for 12 Monkeys and Wynonna Earp on the network. Wynonna Earp will be returning for a second season on Friday June 9th, while something different is in store for 12 Monkeys fans. SyFy has decided to air the entire third season of the series in a single weekend, from May 19th to 21st.

These premiere dates don't reveal any more major changes to the expected scheduling (like 12 Monkeys' foray into bingeable territory), simply adding to the already impressive summer schedule for the channel. The June launch also allows all three shows to get going before the biggest debut of the summer, HBO's Game of Thrones, which doesn't hit our screens till July. Killjoys and Dark Matter will, however, be facing a little summer competition from Netflix's Orange is the New Black, and season two of Preacher, both of which are also returning in June. However, both of these popular series are very different from Syfy's shows, giving them plenty of opportunity to pull in the viewers again this year.

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Dark Matter returns for season 3 with a two-hour premiere on June 9 at 8pm before moving to 9pm; Blood Drive premieres on June 14, Dark Matter season 3 on June 30 at 8pm, and Sharknado 5 on August 6.

Source: TVLine

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