'Dark Knight Rises' Viral Campaign Reveals Trailer #3 Images

While we wait for the new 'Dark Knight Rises' trailer coming with Marvel's 'The Avengers', a new Batman viral game provides insight into the climate of Gotham City and scenes from trailer #3.

Dark Knight Rises Viral Game Batman


Not to be outdone by Sony's Amazing Spider-Man viral campaign, DC/Warner Bros. has renewed effort in the viral games for The Dark Knight Rises. So far, the viral puzzels have revealed new faux documents that show us the Gotham City Police Department's attitude towards "The Batman" following the events of The Dark Knight - and, more enticing than fake papers, actual screenshots from the Dark Knight Rises trailer that premieres before The Avengers this week.

Scroll down to see all the goodies that loyal Batman fans have uncovered so far.

The latest viral game on Dark Knight Rises Official Page is presented as a folder which contains the GCPD's information on The Batman. Inside we have known photos of the vigilante, an arrest warrant listing the felonies he's committed (the biggest being the "murder" of Harvey Dent during the events of Dark Knight), and a memo circulated around the department declaring that in accordance with "Harvey Dent Day," the Mayor wants renewed effort put forth toward actually apprehending Batman. Check out those materials below:

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Also included in the folder was a list of locations around the world where fans can engage in a scavenger hunt for graffiti "related to any movement in support of the vigilante's return." People who travel to one of the locations, snap a picture of the graffiti and tweet or email their findings to a specified address (#tdkr07202012 on Twitter or by email) will unlock a frame from the forthcoming new trailer.

The folks over at the Superhero Hype have been collecting the frames unlocked so far and have arranged them into the following set of images:


Dark Knight Rises Viral Game - Trailer 3 Images

Viral games are fun, but at this point it's safe to say that the majority of us are still waiting to see something in the next TDKR trailer that is going to truly blow us away. As it stands right now, you have even hardcore Batman fans claiming they are more excited to see The Avengers - though I have a feeling (just looking over the frames revealed in this viral game) that Dark Knight Rises trailer #3 will swiftly change all that.

The Dark Knight Rises in theaters on July 20. Keep an eye out for more viral games to come.

Sources: Dark Knight Rises Official Page (via Coming Soon)


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