'Dark Knight Rises' Action-Packed TV Spots; New Viral Materials Offer Story Hints

New 'Dark Knight Rises' TV Spots show off even more action-packed footage from Chris Nolan's epic Batman trilogy finale, while faux newspaper articles offer story hints regarding Harvey Dent.

The Dark Knight Rises Viral Gotham Observer Page 1

Warner Bros is ramping up their campaign for The Dark Knight Rises, which has arguably failed to impress with its low-key trailers, and lackluster posters. Then again, it's kind of a specious assumption to think that Chris Nolan's Batman trilogy finale needs any bells or whistles to sell itself; with advanced tickets selling out all over the place, it's clear that the already-established fanbase for these films will be enough to ensure a big fat opening weekend take.

Of course, in light of Marvel's The Avengers cracking the billion-dollar mark, DC/WB is no doubt hoping to make Dark Knight Rises an equally (if not more) lucrative movie event - so to further that end, new marketing materials - here in the form of viral games and TV spots  - are being unveiled almost daily.

The TV spot above has the most action-oriented footage revealed to date, and is arguably my favorite promo for the film (besides the recently-unveiled Trailer #4). Watching Bane (Tom Hardy), Catwoman (Anne Hathaway) and Batman (Christian Bale) engage in Stratego-style war for control of Gotham puts to rest any of the prior complaints that Nolan's threequel didn't look epic or fun enough for the comic book crowd (as if).

After seeing this recent footage, honestly, who can still make the claim that TDKR won't be - at the very least - a wonderful piece of summer blockbuster entertainment?



Of course, for those of us who actually prefer Nolan's style of adding substance and depth to the more "popcorny" aspects of his big-budget films, Dark Knight Rises will also offer plenty of food for thought (and not just candy for the eye). Admittedly, we still don't know much about the thematic or narrative arcs in the film - or anything at all, beyond the initial premise. (Batman has been retired for some time until Bane invades and conquers Gotham City. Batman is too out of step to stop him, and Bruce Wayne must go on a journey to reclaim his mantle and his city.)

Mountain Dew has been hosting its own Dark Knight Rises promotional campaign - including the viral games - and CBM managed to gather up some of the recently-revealed materials hidden within said game. Those materials include a bunch of newspaper clips about "Harvey Dent Day" and other topics that will be directly related to the plot of TDKR. Can you figure out how all the pieces fit together?

Take a look at the "newspaper clippings" in the gallery below, and give us your theories about how they relate to the plot of the film in the comment section:

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The Dark Knight Rises in theaters (and IMAX) on July 20, 2012.

Source: Warner Bros., and ComicBookMovie

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