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It seems like a lot of Fans are getting worked up over something that appeared in The Dark Knight Rises trailer - namely, the scene where Bane attacks the Gotham football stadium.

In the crowd are a group of fans holding a sign that reads "Rogue," the name of the Gotham football team. The "R" in "Rogues" happens to be shaped like he "R" that was used in the title logo of the '90s Robin comic books, ergo leading many fans to run wild with speculation that Robin will indeed be appearing in The Dark Knight Rises - despite Christopher Nolan's repeated claims that the character would not appear in his cinematic universe.

Check out the image that started all the hubub, below:

Dark Knight Rises Robin Easter Egg
Robin Symbol Dark Knight Rises

As was to be expected, this whole Robin rumor has been dismantled as quickly as it started circulating. The sign was in no way a secret hint - or even a legitimate Easter egg, for that matter. Empire tracked down some info on the matter, and had this less-than-thrilling truth to share with the masses:

“The day this scene was shot, there were 10,000 extras there at Heinz Field. Most of them brought their own props and costumes, so clearly one guy has been smart and, when drawing the ‘R’ for the ‘Rogues’ signs (for the Rogues are Gotham’s team), he’s drawn it in the style of a Robin logo, off his own back. So this is no more a ‘clue’ that Robin will be in the film than the presence of the Batman logo on a door during [Nolan's short film] 'Following' was a ‘clue’ that Nolan would one day make a Batman movie”.

So there you have it folks: No Robin in Dark Knight Rises - and no, it's not going to be Joseph Gordon-Levitt. This was just one crafty fan who had the foresight to give the fanboys out there a little bit extra to enjoy. Take it for what it is and let's all move on to the next rumor.

The Dark Knight Rises will be in theaters on July 20, 2012

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Robin Easter Egg Image from Graphic Policy


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