The Dark Knight Rises: Tom Hardy Set Photos & An Extra's Revealing Tweets

Batman battles Bane in The Dark Knight Rises

As much as we’ve come to learn about The Dark Knight Rises in the last few months– the film will involve Bane, Catwoman, a rebuilt Wayne Manor, and (mild spoiler alert) a young Ra's al Ghul – it's still mostly shrouded in mystery, as far as blockbuster superhero films go.

Today, we have a number of set photos featuring Tom Hardy as Bane and Marion Cotillard in a “secret” role (by her own account) –as Talia al Ghul, perhaps? – as well as a number of plot-related tweets from an extra on the film.

Even for set photos – which are typically unrevealing – these are pretty darn unrevealing. Check out that obscured, off-kilter shot of Tom Hardy as Bane and the blurry, from-behind shot of Marion Cotillard? She certainly...could be Talia. And look, there’s Alon Aboutboul, reportedly playing a “particularly evil mad scientist,” probably working for the League of Shadows.

Check out the set photos below, via The Daily Blam (click to enlarge):

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All in all, while the photos don’t give us much meat, it warms the cockles of our hearts to see another Nolan Batman film in the midst of production.

Now, check out the tweets from The Dark Knight Rises extra (@LauraMCornelius):

Tweets from an Extra On The Dark Knight Rises

So – there isn’t a whole lot of revealing information to be derived here either, although we now know that kidnappings will occur somewhere in Rising's running time and that Batman will (unless she's kidding) stand idly by. Sounds like just another Tuesday in the life of the caped crusader.

Rather, the most surprising/interesting thing about these tweets is that an extra is tweeting plot information about the biggest film of 2012 – in any capacity. I was an extra on The Dark Knight back in 2007, and I had to sign a pretty terrifying NDA restricting me from saying just about anything about what I saw (and especially on such a public forum as Twitter). Then again, maybe they forgot to make her sign an NDA?

Lastly, though it was recently rumored that the 1960s Batman, Adam West, would be making an appearance in the upcoming Dark Knight Rises, it’s looking more and more like that’s not the case. According to Batman-Online, West was visiting the production of Batman Live, a theatrical version of the Dark Knight’s exploits (a la Spider-Man Turn Off the Dark), and somehow -- as a result of a game of internet telephone -- this transformed into "Adam West has a cameo in the next Christopher Nolan Batman film."

Ah, well. It’s probably for the best. Frankly, as awesome as Adam West is, I almost always find it distracting seeing blatant cameos like that, especially in super serious films where it's totally inappropriate. Indeed, if I had my druthers, Stan Lee would never make a Marvel movie appearance again. It was fun at first, man, but all good things must come to an end. Now go home, sit back, and relax on your huge pile of money.

Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters July 20th, 2012.


Sources: Batman-Online, @LauraMCornelius [via Comic Book Movie], Batman-Online

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