'Dark Knight Rises' On Wall Street; Batwing Soars & A Mystery Device

'Dark Knight Rises' images from Wall Street NYC showcase a Batwing rescue and Bane's mercenaries taking stock brokers hostage.

Gotham City Police Cars On Wall Street


The Dark Knight Rises has filmed in more locations than the previous Nolan Batman films combined – and currently they’re filming in New York City on Wall Street (though they’re not filming Occupy Wall Street, in case you were wondering).

Today, we have images and a description of yesterday's shoot, including photos of the Batwing hovering over a mystery device which we will describe in more detail below for those who are trying to avoid spoilers.

Below is a bulleted description of the shoot, paraphrased from a post by Raganork8 (who happened to be at the shoot) at the Super Hero Hype forums (The following descriptions could be considered spoilers):






  • Bane mercenaries go into the Stock Exchange Building and take Stock Exchange employees hostage before
  • Bane mercenaries on motorcycles – with hostages on their backs – come barreling down the Stock Exchange steps and into an alley
  • Matthew Modine is standing by the entire time and looks shocked as the mercenaries drive past; Modine, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and a host of cops start shooting at the mercenaries; Modine is seemingly in charge of the police force
  • Christian Bale – and thus Batman and Bruce Wayne – was not present at Wall Street
  • Later, they filmed the “Batwing” hovering above Bane’s mystery doomsday machine (possibly related to earthquakes), which at some point begins to light up
  • The Batwing/”earthquake” machine scene was shot with the Imax camera and seemed likely to utilize CGI

Now check out the photos below:

[gallery columns="2"]

It’s been said that the so-called “earthquake” machine is not, in fact, an earthquake machine at all. If true, does this mean it’s an explosive device? Is Bane going around exploding all of Gotham as a means to, uhm, control all of Gotham? I think we can agree that that doesn't make very much sense.

The device certainly doesn’t look like your typical bomb – it has more of a science-fiction feel, a la the water evaporator from Batman Begins. So, if it doesn’t create earthquakes, maybe it does something equally ridiculous instead?

Despite the slight backlash The Dark Knight Rises received as a result of some of the early set images and videos, it's become more and more clear with every batch of images that this film is going to be insane. Mercenaries riding bikes? Kidnapping stock brokers? Gunfights between the police and the mercenaries? Batman's Batwing versus Bane's mysterious doomsday (and maybe "earthquake-creating") device? And that's just in this particular batch!

What do you guys think of the above images? Are you starting to feel more confident in the quality of the third and final Christopher Nolan Batman film?

The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters July 20th, 2012.

Source: Raganork8 from the Super Hero Hype forums [via Comic Book Movie]

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