'Dark Knight Rises' To Shoot in NYC; Might Film Wall Street Protests [Updated]

the dark knight rises to shoot nyc occupy wall street protests

[UPDATE: Sorry Wall Street Protesters - Batman will NOT be joining your fight. Details HERE]

No matter if you agree with them or not, the message of the Occupy Wall Street protestors is loud and clear: they want a Gotham City that is free of crime and corruption. At least that's how their protest - which has been going for a month now - may be depicted in Chris Nolan's final Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises.

As we've discussed numerous times on our Screen Rant Underground podcast: The Dark Knight Rises is a movie that is setting a new precedence for the amount of access and insight fans have into the production process. Shooting locations in London, India, Pittsburgh and Los Angeles have each yielded slews of papparazzi-style set images and videos, which have each revealed spoilerific plot points about Batman's next adventure.

TDKR is moving production to the streets of NYC for two weeks starting on October 29th, and will be shooting under its not-so-secret production name of "Magnus Rex". One person close to the production (who remained anonymous - lest he/she get flogged and whipped) has told the LA Times that the actors in the film were briefed (warned?) that production could shoot over at the Occupy Wall Street Protest site.

Now, at the time of writing the script and doing preproduction on TDKR, Nolan and Co. couldn't have known this protest was going to go down. What the source claims is that the protests could be used as a backdrop or establishing shot, meant to reflect the state of unrest in Gotham City - a plot point we have definitely come to see reflected in many of the set videos and images, which paint a story where Gotham is under siege by evil forces like Tom Hardy's Bane and his men. Combine those clues with the Dark Knight Rises teaser trailer - in which Commissioner Gordon (Gary Oldman) states that Batman has been absent from duty - and it certainly seems that civil unrest is ripping Gotham City apart; a situation eerily similar to the climate of the Wall Street protests, making the real-life demonstrations an ironic bit of reality to be injected into art.


batman occupy gotham protest

Hilarious artwork by artist Anjinanhut

We use the word "ironic" because: having a real life protest about the evils of corporate greed, injected into a film being produced (in the hope of big profits) by one of the biggest corporate entities in America (Time Warner), featured in a scene where people would be complaining about greed and corruption? It doesn't get anymore ironic and meta than that - especially if some of the Wall Street protesters try to use the opportunity to get their five seconds of onscreen fame.

Of course, this could be one of those things where Nolan and Co. fly a helicopter over the crowd, taking ariel shots of the masses gathered in the streets - or something equally mundane. Though, considering how much excitement these TDKR shoots have already stirred up, the best advice might be to sit back and watch what unfolds on Wall Street. We'll keep you posted as the film begins production in NYC.

The Dark Knight Rises in theaters on July 20, 2012.

Source:  LA Times

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