'Dark Knight Rises' MTV Awards Trailer; New TV Spots & Run Time Revealed

Video removed per studio request (but there are still two new TV clips below)

The MTV Movie Awards may not always reward the most deserving of films – for example, Twilight: Breaking Dawn - Part 1 took home "Best Movie" last night – but we can thank them for the nearly two minutes' worth of new footage from The Dark Knight Rises.

The above trailer paints the clearest picture yet as to why Bane (Tom Hardy) is a man who needs to be feared, and not just because Catwoman (Anne Hathaway) keeps saying so.

Indeed, one of the most intriguing things about this trailer is the way in which Bane has been presented as a truly fearsome antagonist the likes of which Batman has never previously dealt with. This is a man who, in some ways, is better than the Batman. He's stronger, possibly a better fighter, and he has a mercenary army at his beck and call. Batman has…Alfred?

Now, I loved The Avengers as much as the next person, but one thing this film seems to have that the Marvel team-up did not is a villain who poses a serious threat to our beloved hero. After all, Loki and his chitauri couldn't possibly kill off any of the main Avengers -- there's just too much money riding on the multitude of sequels.

Bane, on the other hand, could very well put Batman in the morgue by the end of The Dark Knight Rises. This is A) a Christopher Nolan film and B) the final entry in his Bat-trilogy. And since Nolan has creative carte blanche, anything could happen to the Caped Crusader -- even the unthinkable.

Other things of interest from the trailer:

  • Catwoman tells John Blake (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) that she's on the run, presumably from Bane, which begs the question -- do the two have a history together? Or is she referring to someone else entirely?
  • Bane and his mercenaries seem to have cut off every exit from Gotham City -- its bridges have been bombed and its tunnels blocked from ground-to-ceiling with cars.
  • Catwoman and Batman work well together, as the former (Catwoman) leads one of Bane's mercenaries into the trap of the latter (Batman).
  • Also, didn't the mercenary seem to recognize Catwoman as an ally? And if not, why didn't he just shoot the strange cat-masked lady forthwith?

In addition to the trailer, we have two new TV spots that are much less tonally dire. In fact, these clips seem to be playing up the more "fun" and "lighthearted" elements of The Dark Knight Rises, as they showcase Batman's new toys (his strange "gun" and the Batwing) and Batman and Catwoman's playful relationship.

Check them out below:

Lastly, AMC Theaters announced that, like the Marvel movie marathon prior to the release of The Avengers, they'l be hosting a Batman marathon -- including Batman Begins and The Dark Knight -- prior to the release of The Dark Knight Rises. Tickets for this marathon go on sale June 11th at 12pm EST, if you'd like to take part.

Perhaps more interesting, however, is that AMC lists the running time for TDKR as 2 hours and 45 minutes. That's about twelve minutes more than The Dark Knight, for anyone who's wondering.

UPDATE: Check out another fan poster for The Dark Knight Rises, courtesy of Movie Web:


Batman Catwoman Dark Knight Rises International Poster

The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters July 20th, 2012.


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Source: Coming Soon, AMC Theaters [via Collider]

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