'Dark Knight Rises' MTV Trailer, Catwoman TV Spot & John Blake Backstory

dark knight rises christian bale anne hathaway

Warner Bros. has officially released the Dark Knight Rises MTV trailer that aired during the channel's Movie Awards ceremony (very briefly available online a month ago); although, it no longer holds a candle to the TDKR trailers and TV spots released since, in terms of spectacle and unrelenting velocity at which the edited footage flies. The MTV preview does, however, tease an intriguing exchange between Selina Kyle (Anne Hathaway) and Gotham cop John Blake (Joseph Gordon-Levitt).

We've also rounded up the latest Dark Knight Rises TV spot and viral marketing material. Both shed some additional light about Kyle and Blake - including how, exactly, Catwoman comes into possession of her very own Batpod (revealed first by the initial image of Hathaway in her Catwoman costume) - and just what sort of officer Mr. Blake is.


This new Dark Knight Rises TV spot highlights the uneasy alliance struck between Batman (Christian Bale) and Catwoman in Chris Nolan's film. Bruce Wayne's vigilante identity is something between a heavy burden and unhealthy obsession, whereas Selina Kyle's costumed alter ego allows her to exude confidence and strength; neither one seems to be fully in their element without some form of disguise, even one as simple as Selina's masked ball outfit. The latter ultimately seeks to serve her own interests, which appear to align with either Bane (Tom Hardy) or Batman, at different times throughout TDKR.

That's all to say: the relationship between those two has been a cornerstone of the Batman franchise in all previous iterations (comic books, animated TV shows, movies), and it looks as though Nolan will do it justice in his trilogy finale.

dark knight rises christian bale anne hathaway

Moving on - more TDKR viral material has emerged at, including a performance review for John Blake. For those who have trouble reading the hand-scribbled assessment of Blake's overall quality as a police officer, we've included a transcript of the statement (after the link to said report):


dark knight rises john blake viral clip

Officer Blake shows great dedication and tenacity. He made an impact in his assigned beat by building effective associations within the local community. High marks for skills and conduct. Needs minor improvement in his relationships with fellow officers. His thoroughness tends to make his judgmental of colleagues' performances and lead him to question authority. Officer Blake has made a request to be transferred to Narrows division. Given his success in his previous detail, transfer should be granted. Need more officers like him.


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Blake clearly plays an important role in TDKR's plot machinations, judging by his prevalence throughout the film's regular and viral marketing campaigns. There's a good deal of question about what part he'll play in Nolan's efforts to bring his grisly Batman trilogy full-circle. Will Blake inherit Jim Gordon's (Gary Oldman) mantle as the heart and soul of the Gotham police force? Could frequent fan speculation be correct, in that he'll assume the identity of the Dark Knight at some point in the film? Are both possible? It's safe to say: the answers are being saved for the actual movie (fortunately).

Lastly: additional viral material for TDKR features excerpts from a series of email exchanges between employees of The Gotham Observer. Covered topics include the latest in a string of burglaries (Catwoman's doing, no doubt) and references to Wayne Enterprises board member John Daggett. Diligent fans will recall that he was mentioned as a note of concern in an earlier piece of viral marketing (a letter from Lucius Fox (Morgan Freeman) to Bruce Wayne):


dark knight rises viral emails

Clearly, Daggett is not to be trusted, as suggested by TDKR viral material, and even his surname - which is a callback to a villain from the Batman: The Animated Series cartoon of the '90s. The question is: does Daggett have direct ties with Bane, and is using the terrorist (and his mercenary army) to seize power?

... Or could this still be misdirection, meant to distract from the real culprit: Wayne Enterprises newcomer - and Bruce Wayne love interest - Miranda Tate (Marion Cotillard), a character who could well have ties to the League of Shadows and/or Bane (despite Cotillard's claims to the contrary)?

All shall be revealed in full when The Dark Knight Rises in (regular and IMAX) U.S. theaters on July 20th, 2012.

Source: Xfinity, CBM

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