New 'Dark Knight Rises' Images: Batwing Up Close & Bane's Mystery Device

Detailed Look At the Batwing in The Dark Knight Rises

With little more than a month left until The Dark Knight Rises' release, every diehard Bat-fan the world over is likely dreaming about Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy finale. Will it be everything they've dreamed of? Hoped for? Or - heaven forfend - has Nolan finally dropped the ball?

Well, we won't know the answer to that - or whether or not Marion Cotillard's character is who she says she is - until July 20th. But at least we can take solace in these up-close-and-personal photos of Batman's new Batwing (with hardware details and everything) and Bane's mystery device, which possibly has the ability to level football fields - as seen in the second Dark Knight Rises trailer.

Check out the images below, courtesy of Superhero Hype (click to enlarge):

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As Batman would say: "Beautiful, isn't it?" (Though "Beautiful, aren't they?" would probably be more grammatically correct here.)

The images come from the unreleased book The Dark Knight Manual: Tools, Weapons, Vehicles & Documents From The Batcave by Brandon T. Snider. There's not a whole lot of new information here - we've seen both the Batwing and Bane's mystery device previously - but this is the first time we've seen such high quality close-ups. It's also the first time we've been given information as to what the Batwing actually does aside from flying.

The Bat (a.k.a. 'Batwing') is outfitted with, in no particular order:

  • Rocket launchers
  • Flood lights (only slightly less awesome than rocket launchers)
  • Dual machine guns
  • And an EMP cannon

One presumes Batman will use the machine guns for something other than gunning down mercenaries and other living, breathing human beings, unless he's drastically changed his code in the many years since The Dark Knight.

It was rumored that Bane's mystery device was an "earthquake machine" of sorts, which more or less fits with the footage we've seen of a football field basically disappearing in a flash. It's impossible to tell from the picture above if it is, indeed, an earthquake machine, as earthquake machines have yet to be invented in the real world. Some day, though. Some day.

If you like what you see in the pictures, be sure to pick up The Dark Knight Manual when it hits bookstores July 24th (or preorder it now).

The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters July 20th, 2012.


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Source: The Dark Knight Manual [via Superhero Hype]

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