'Dark Knight Rises' Spoilers: David S. Goyer Talks Movie Ending

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[We originally published this in May 2012 but have re-published it as a place for fans to discuss spoilers freely after having seen the film. Be sure to also read our Dark Knight Rises Review.]

Considering how seriously director Christopher Nolan has taken these films, many fans have pondered whether or not Batman will (gulp) bite the bullet in the closing moments of The Dark Knight Rises. On the topic of endings, Batman trilogy writer David S. Goyer recently talked about the final scene of TDKR and the profound emotional effect it had on him.





Courtesy of Empire Magazine:

"The final scene of 'The Dark Knight Rises' is exactly [the] scene we talked about [when Christopher Nolan and I started the trilogy with 'Batman Begins']. It remained completely unchanged. We both knew in our hearts that we were onto something special. I have to tell you, having finally seen everything strung together a little while ago and seeing that scene, I got a complete lump in my throat."

Now, you might assume Goyer got a lump in his throat because he was witnessing his nearly decade-long dream realized (or something similarly sentimental).

However, Empire pressed the issue further and got a different response. After they inferred that Nolan was committing "commercial sacrilege," Goyer said:

"Yup! That's why it's ****ing exciting!"

So what could this possibly mean, Screen Ranters? Is there something tragic about the ending of The Dark Knight Rises that might lead to lumps being formed in throats? To commercial sacrilege being performed? Will Batman – as fans have hypothesized all throughout the Internet – be kicking the bucket by way of Bane's steroid-fueled fist?

Frankly, there are plenty of other possible scenarios for what David Goyer is hinting at. Perhaps Batman is just hanging up his cowl, and the poignancy of that moment alone was enough to put a lump in Goyer's throat. Or perhaps another character dies – Alfred, Lucius, or Gordon. Heck, every time I see Michael Caine die in a movie (Children of Men, for example) my throat becomes practically ridden with lumps.

Batman Death Dark Knight Rises

And if Batman were truly to die in Nolan's final Batman film, would David Goyer dare broach the subject in an interview? Would someone so close to the project – one of the creative minds behind the various screenplays – discuss the key piece of this seven-year-old puzzle? Possibly the most important scene? Before it can be experienced by audiences firsthand?

Maybe. Hopefully not, though. If Batman/Bruce Wayne's death is indeed in the cards for The Dark Knight Rises, one would hope that Goyer would have the willpower to keep mum until the film opens.

For an in-depth discussion of the film by the Screen Rant team check out our Dark Knight Rises episode of the SR Underground podcast.

The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters July 20th, 2012.


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Source: Empire Magazine [via Comic Book Movie]

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