Will There Be a Director’s Cut of 'The Dark Knight Rises' on Blu-ray?

TDKR director's cut

A rumor has begun circulating that the Blu-ray release of Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises will contain "about thirty minutes" of additional footage, expanding the origin of Bane and adding more detail to other scenes.

Please be aware that this article contains MAJOR SPOILERS for the film.

Nuke The Fridge is the originator of the report, and even they say state that it is a rumor; however, they do seem quite certain that Christopher Nolan’s Batman film will be extended for its home release – a Nolan first.

Last month we reported that the film’s costume designer, Lindy Hemming had said that there was more footage of Bane’s origin set to be featured in the film, but it appeared to be cut at the last minute. Hemming is quoted as saying:

“There’s a whole early section for Tom Hardy where he’s fighting and being taunted by people. He’s got chains on him, and he’s standing on a wooden thing while people are attacking him. And in that scene, he’s wearing a much more ragged, primitive version of the mask.”

Nuke The Fridge also states that Liam Neeson’s Ra’s Al Ghul will get more screen time in this extended version as well - although the context is unknown.

Christopher Nolan isn’t a director to compromise on his vision, at least not at this stage in his career, so if he was forced to cut anything then it may have been solely for technical reasons. The Dark Knight Rises is 165 minutes long, the maximum length that a film can be shown on IMAX, so it is possible that the director had to remove certain sequences to meet this limit - or possibly studio pressure (as longer movies can be intimidating for some viewers). The Blu-ray release would therefore be the perfect opportunity to show this additional footage.

Nolans TDKR directors cut

The Dark Knight Rises is a long movie, even though it moves at a rapid pace, and certainly the second half of the film (where these scenes would be placed) does appear to have been tightened in the editing room. It’s safe to assume that if (and it’s a big if) thirty minutes of footage is integrated back into the film then it will feature more than just scenes of Bane and Ra’s Al Ghul. There could potentially be more footage of an isolated Gotham City, and more scenes featuring Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) recuperating under Tom Conti’s watchful eye. This is pure speculation on my part, but many viewers felt as if the second half of The Dark Knight Rises needed a bit more room to breathe.

Thirty minutes leaves a lot of room for what Nolan can add to the film, but I don’t think that it can be called a “director’s cut.” Nolan has final cut on his movies, and anything that was edited out was more than likely his decision. If a new version of The Dark Knight Rises is released on Blu-ray, then it'll fall more in the “extended edition” category.

The Dark Knight Rises has currently grossed over $1 billion at the global box office (out grossing The Dark Knight), and while some saw it as the perfect conclusion to Nolan’s Batman trilogy (myself included), others were left disappointed by Tom Hardy’s Bane, and certain plot inconsistencies. Could thirty minutes of extra footage solve these problems?

Time will tell – if this rumor is indeed true.

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Source: Nuke The Fridge [via Badass Digest]

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