'The Dark Knight Rises' Concept Art: What Bane's Mask Could've Looked Like

Concept art for 'The Dark Knight Rises' reveals what Bane's mask could've looked like.

Dark Knight Rises Concept Art - Bane's Leather Mask

Bane might not have been the beloved villain that the Joker was in The Dark Knight - some would argue he was little more than a glorified henchman in The Dark Knight Rises - but he was certainly memorable, thanks to his crab-like mask, Tom Hardy's intimidating presence, and his almost jolly English accent.

However, his mask design almost looked very, very different. With the Dark Knight Rises DVD/Blu-ray being released in just two short weeks, concept art from the accompanying behind-the-scenes documentary is starting to pop up online - and it features preliminary designs for Bane's mask.

Check out the images below, courtesy of Screen Crush:

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These other iterations of the mask look a bit more like Bane's mask from the comic books, which covered his entire face like a lucha libre mask. One of the images (bottom right) even utilized the same red and blue color scheme.

For reference, here's Bane from the comic books:

Tom Hardy Will Play Bane in The Dark Knight Rises

And here's the Bane we saw in The Dark Knight Rises:

Obviously, it was pretty unlikely that we were ever going to see a major actor like Tom Hardy cover his entire face for the majority of a blockbuster film, so it's no surprise that they went with a mask that just covered his mouth, nose, and jaw. Plus, with regard to some of these mask concepts, it's hard to imagine ever being able to take Bane seriously on the big screen. The bottom left image almost looks like a Darth Vader-themed lucha libre mask, which is ironic considering some people said Bane sounded like Darth Vader doing a Sean Connery accent.

We reported on the many iterations of Bane's mask a few months back, though the mask concepts we saw at the time were far less detailed or revealing. Check them out below:

What're your thoughts, Screen Ranters? Do you prefer the final version of the mask - the one that Tom Hardy wore in the The Dark Knight Rises - or would you have liked to see one of the above designs utilized instead? Let us know in the comments.

The Dark Knight Rises will be released on Blu-ray and DVD on December 4th, 2012.


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Source: Screen Crush

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