The Tumbler Batmobile Returns in 'The Dark Knight Rises' Set Photo


Considering The Dark Knight Rises teaser trailer paints an interconnected storyline, drawing from Christopher Nolan's critical and commercial hits, Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, fans may be wondering about the fate of one principle fan-favorite that fell victim to the Joker's assault on Gotham City.

Fortunately, thanks to a recent set-photo, we now know that not only will the Batpod (aka Batcycle) be returning in The Dark Knight Rises, we also have confirmation that the Tumbler (aka Batmobile) will return as well.

The two set photos come courtesy of SuperHeroHype readers "Validus Monstrum" and "Ron" - and show the Tumbler and Batpod (under a blue tarp) arriving at The Dark Knight Rises set in Pittsburgh, PA. The second image features a Gotham Police SWAT van - with green production-tape covering two out of the three mentions of "Gotham" on the vehicle's side.

While the return of the Batpod was hinted at in the recent Carnegie Mellon scene description, news that the Tumbler will also be back comes as more of a surprise - given the amount of damage inflicted on the vehicle in The Dark Knight.

Check out the Tumbler and Batpod image, followed by the Gotham City SWAT vehicle, below:


No doubt news of the Tumbler's return will be mixed among Bat-fans - as some were hoping that the "death" of the vehicle in The Dark Knight meant that Nolan's final Batman film would see the unveiling of a more traditional Batmobile.

Additionally, it'll be interesting to see how the director intends to use the vehicle this round - since he's managed to surprise moviegoers twice now: first, with the rooftop jumping scene in Batman Begins and second, with the destruction of the Tumbler (and subsequent "birth" of the Batpod).


Could the Tumbler sprout water skis this round and bring about the debut of the Batski or Batboat? What about wings - i.e. the Batglider, Batwing, or Batplane? Jokes aside, probably not, especially considering Nolan's Bat-universe is grounded in gritty crime-drama reality (though, who would have ever thought the director would take-on Bane).

It'll be very interesting to see what the director has planned. A basic highway chase would be a major letdown, given what we've seen the Tumbler do in prior installments, so here's hoping Nolan has another trick up his sleeve.

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Source: SuperHeroHype

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