'Dark Knight Rises' Batcave Rumors; Possible 'Dark Knight Returns' Connection?

batcave in batman the dark knight rises

While we await The Dark Knight Rises trailer (which will likely be coming soon - stay tuned), we've had little besides a few official plot details and a whole lot of rumors and speculation to report. Today, we have a little of both to share.

A new rumor from an unconfirmed source hints at what the Batcave will look like in the reconstructed Wayne Manor. On the more official side of things, actor Gary Oldman discussed his role as Jim Gordon in Dark Knight Rises, and made a few statements that (in my opinion) point to small traces of Frank Miller's 'The Dark Knight Returns' storyline being in TDKR's DNA.

Cosmic Book News is where this Batcave rumor started - again, the info comes from an unconfirmed source and really doesn't tell us anything too surprising. But still, here are the quotes from CBN:

  • The overall design of the cave is almost identical of the cave of Batman Begins, with it being a basic cave without cavernous drops.
  • The waterfall is still there.
  • There have been upgrades with better lighting than the basic generator powered ones put up in Batman Begins.
  • There is a whole new batcomputer similar to the set up in The Dark Knight.
  • There is a weapons area where all of Batman's equipment used in both films, plus new gadgets, can be seen.
  • There is also a cabinet containing both Batsuits.
  • The cave isn't featured much in the film, it is has about as much screen time as the previous movies.

Wollaton Hall to serve as Wayne Manor in The Dark Knight Rises

Like we said: even if this total RUMOR is confirmed in full, it really doesn't reveal too much that can't be figured out with a few quick logical deductions. Such as:

  • We've known Bruce Wayne was rebuilding Wayne Manor after it burned down in Batman Begins.
  • Given the time that has passed between The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises, Wayne Manor would've been rebuilt in full.
  • Bruce Wayne used the cave the first time, so naturally, upon rebuilding he would upgrade and improve his lair - with things like a computer, weapons, suits, cars - you know, the usual Batman stuff.

Not that hard to figure out.

To be honest, at this point, it would be a bigger surprise if Dark Knight Rises DOESN'T have a cool Batcave lair...

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